We are one of the largest arbitration service providers in Europe and are trusted by businesses and consumers to resolve a whole range of commercial and consumer disputes.  We have issued more than 1000 awards since 2016. 


Hunt Arbitration

Arbitrate using documents or for more complex cases with hearings.  All of our arbitrators are experienced and have issued a minimum of ten awards, with many having issued hundreds of awards over their careers.

Costs are on a sliding scale as follows:

  • Disputes up to £75,000 cost £960 plus VAT per party

  • Disputes between £75,001 and £250,000 cost £1,600 plus VAT per party

  • Disputes between £250,001 and £750,000 cost £2,195 plus VAT per party

  • For disputes in excess of £750,000 contact us direct for a quote

Ad-hoc Appointments

We appoint arbitrators on an ad-hoc basis as required by parties (joint or unilateral applications). Our Ad-Hoc Appointments Services costs £150 plus VAT.

Arbitrator Recommendation Service

For parties who wish to appoint their own arbitrator but do not know who to appoint, we can recommend up to three arbitrators from our Panel for just £75 plus VAT. The parties are then free to approach any or all of the recommended arbitrators direct or if they still can't agree apply to us for an Ad-Hoc appointment.

CAPS - The Confidential Award Proofing Service

We proof hundreds of awards each year before they are published to parties and our 'lead proofer' has being proofing domestic and international awards for nearly 20 years.  Already this year we have proofed more than 500 awards. The Confidential Award Proofing Service costs from £100 plus VAT per award (for awards of up to 20 pages - for larger awards please add £3 plus VAT per page).  We read it, we identify typographical errors, formatting errors and sections within the award which are difficult to understand.  We do not provide legal advice or comment on the content of the award itself. Service also applies to adjudicator decisions. English language only.

Scheme Arbitration 

We also provide arbitration schemes for trade bodies and private organisations, including (but not limited to):

ABTA, The Travel Association

The Business Banking Exchange (BBX)


Diversity Trustmark

On the Beach

Sunshine Holidays

TACS Arbitration

Trusted Traveler


Plum Guide

To find out more about our services, to make an application* or to find our more about having a bespoke scheme for your organisation email us or call us on 020 7043 1674 today.

*If you are enquiring about a dispute with a travel company please visit our travel ADR site for more information. Please contact us on the travel ADR site as we have a dedicated team dealing with members of ABTA, DialAFLight, On the Beach and Sunshine Holidays and for commercial disputes via TACS Mediation and Arbitration.