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Building Rapport Online

4th November & 10th December 2020

9.30am to 12.30pm UK time


For many dispute resolution professionals (mediators, arbitrators, adjudicators) building rapport with strangers and being expected to manage them and the chosen process can be daunting.  Very often we fall back on the well proven etiquette that we have been bought up with - shaking hands, asking about the weather and so on. These general approaches have been developed in society over many years to break the ice and build some common ground through rapport.


Enter 2020 and Covid 19.  With more dispute resolution now being conducted online it can be harder than ever to build rapport with parties and to manage the process. For most people experienced at dealing with others in person, it can be difficult developing the same level of rapport in online professional settings.  This online course, led by International Training & Management Consultant John Jarrett, helps develop well-proven techniques to build and maintain rapport online with parties who may themselves, regardless of their external persona, be feeling more daunted than you.

Price: £99 plus VAT 

CPD: 3 hours

Complete the Contact Us form below or email us to secure your place.

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