Certificate in Mediation

Delivered exclusively by Gregory Hunt, the Certificate in Mediation is aimed at


  • Parties engaged in mediation who have no experience and no access to guidance on what to expect or how to behave at mediation

  • Law firms and others who may need to represent clients at mediation, or generally need a wider awareness of mediation and its benefits 

  • Law firms with a new intake of associates who need further education in the area of mediation

  • Businesses which have either decided to integrate mediation in to their culture or in to their commercial contracts but have no experience of mediation itself


It can de delivered in house over two days or over one elongated day. It is not necessary for the two day programme to be delivered on consecutive days.

Topics covered inlcude an overview of the dispute resoution process, the different types of mediation, key features and advantages of medation, the five stages of medation and what to expect from a mediator in each of those stages.  Includes exercises and role plays to help participants understand the process in greater detail.  A third day can be added to include instruction and practice in the development of interpersonal skills, the development of which are an essential tool in preparing for and participating in mediation.

Further detail, including pricing, is shown below:

Two Day Certificate in Mediation

Our two-day Certificate Programme gives participants an in-depth understanding of the mediation process and where mediation sits in the dispute resolution spectrum. It includes hands on practice through mediation role plays.  It also includes

  • Programme Manual (provided pre-course as a PDF and also on the course as a paper document)

  • 14 hours CPD leading to The Hunt ADR Certificate in Mediation

  • Participation counts as 14 of the 40 hours required to be considered for accreditation as a Civil & Commercial Mediator. If participants wish to do the rest of the programme the training fee will reflect the fact that two days have been completed

Compressed Certificate in Mediation
Designed specifically for those with little time to prepare or who may find it difficult to get everyone together for two days, the compressed workshop mirrors the two-day programme in one extended 12-hour day. 


Lunch and Learns / Post Training Meetings

At an agreed time after the training event, a lunch and learn session can be arranged where our trainer meets with participants to facilitate a discussion as to how they have put things into practice.  This doesn’t have to be over lunch however we find that the promise of refreshments tends to encourage a higher attendance and a more relaxed atmosphere.



As these programmes are designed to be run in house it is assumed that a room and refreshments will be provided by the purchaser. The two day programme, for up to 10 participants, is £1,920 plus VAT to include the Lunch and Learn if required.  The Compressed Certificate, again for up to 10 participants, is £1,600 plus VAT, to include the lunch and learn if required. Additional participants are welcome at £120 plus VAT per person.

Your trainer

Gregory Hunt is the founder and Managing Director of Hunt ADR Limited.  He has worked in mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution for 25 years, and is one of the most experienced professionals in this sector.  He is a Registered Mediator and a Certified Mediation Trainer, and has trained dozens of people to be mediators in the UK, Spain and Poland.  Gregg is a Guest Lecturer at both the University of Exeter and at the University of Hull, and has developed this programme with in built flexibility to meet your needs.

To find out more or to make a booking call Gregg on 020 7043 1674 or email gregg@huntadr.com.