We act as an Adjudicator Nominating Body (ANB) as defined in the Housing Grants Construction & Regeneration Act 1996. A referring party may choose to apply for us to nominate an adjudicator where a contract names us as the ANB or fails to (a) specify an adjudicator by name or (b) specify the name of an ANB.

Whilst most ANB's operate to a five day timescale, we will undertake that where asked to nominate we shall do so within three days of receipt of the application, including at weekends but not including bank holidays.


We will only nominate trained adjudicators and we are committed to keeping party costs down by use of our Small Claims Scheme.

Referrals can be made to our adjudicators to act under The Hunt ADR Construction Adjudication Rules or any set of adjudication rules. To make a referral now complete the referral form below. Our referral fee is £245 plus VAT, which is significantly less than many others in this market.:


Small Claims Scheme

Where a referral is made to us and the claim is for up to £125,000 the adjudicator's costs are limited to £4,750 plus VAT.

General Claims

Where a referral is made to us and the claim is for more than £125,000 the adjudicator's fees will be negotiated between the adjudicator and the parties.


Our Adjudicators





































Many of our adjudicators are also qualified arbitrators and mediators.  If you want to use them for arbitration or mediation instead please contact us and we will provide you with further information.