Gregory Hunt: Fees and Other Costs

Fees quoted below are for Gregory Hunt. Fees for Hunt ADR Associate Mediators may differ.

Fixed Fee Mediation for claims up to £50,000

As a Fellow of the Civil Mediation Council I operate under the CMC Fixed Fee Scheme.  Both parties will need to agree to mediate and it is helpful to have agreed this before you approach me.

Fees are fixed as follows:

CMC Fixed Fee.PNG

Disputes exceeding £50,000

Day rate for a regular commercial mediation exceeding £50,000 is fixed at £1,295 plus VAT per party, including pre-mediation reading in. Additional hours are charged at £150 plus VAT per hour. Half day rate is £650 plus VAT per party.

Other costs

For in person mediation mileage is charged at 42ppm with other travel (trains, taxis, flights etc) charged at cost. If accommodation is necessary then it will be limited to £120 per night unless otherwise agreed. The parties are responsible for any venue and associated costs (such as room hire, refreshments, printing and copying, wifi etc).

If the mediation takes place online no 'other costs' are required and I will provide access to a suitable mediation platform for the mediation. If required, I will provide a pre-mediation awareness session for each party (free of charge) in order that they are comfortable using the chosen mediation platform.

To book me or ask for further information please call 020 7043 1674, email or complete the Contact Me form below.