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why lcas?

LCAS keeps businesses out of court whilst providing final & legally binding decisions on disputes of up to £50,000 without unnecessary delays. Ideal for disputes whether under contract, elective or following direction from the court. Being documents-only in process, businesses can present their own case with or without legal representation and the confidential nature of arbitration protects intellectual property, reduces risk of litigation and reduces risk of reputational damage.

what does it cost?

We thought about costs for a long time. Arbitration can be very expensive - arbitrators are highly skilled and make decisions in the same way a judge would do in court. However, LCAS has been specifically designed to help businesses to resolve disputes as cost effectively as possible, so we have capped the cost at £450 plus VAT (typically £225 plus VAT per party) with no recoverable costs - dissuading parties from incurring high legal costs.


LCAS Arbitrators are all qualified, experienced arbitrators at the top of their profession.  They are vastly experienced at writing binding Awards. Without exception they have arbitrated at least ten times (most many more) and had Awards reviewed and monitored by Hunt ADR to ensure their suitability to practice. They are dedicated to helping business by providing their services for a fixed fee. You can see who they are and why they joined LCAS below.

what about the the ADMIN?

Our team has decades of experience administering arbitration cases and have handled more than 2000 cases since 2018, making us the largest arbitration provider in the UK. We specialise in documents-only cost effective arbitration, making us the ideal administrators for LCAS, support parties and arbitrators.  Hunt ADR is also a member of The Federation of Small Business and understands first hand the challenges faced by SMEs in the UK.  Hunt ADR Chief Executive, Gregory Hunt, is a local spokesperson for the FSB on matters relating to dispute resolution.


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John Abbott - Managing Partner, Arbitrator & Mediator at Laytons LLP

The need for SMEs to be able to resolve their disputes and recover money quickly and without great expense is commercially and economically imperative. That is why I fully support LCAS and why I am delighted to be a member of the LCAS panel.


Dayo Akande - Arbitrator, HADR Accredited Mediator &  Contracts Compliance Manager at TfL

Hunt ADR's panel membership has allowed me to build my arbitration career and existing skills and experience gained from Hunt ADR's ArbEx Programme, which launched my arbitration career and built my experience in delivering awards. It's a great scheme and this listing is a great opportunity as I pursue my career in Arbitration.

Conrad Bromley_edited.jpg

Conrad Bromley - Arbitrator at Secretariat

It is a real honour to be appointed as an arbitrator under the LCAS scheme by Hunt ADR. I look forward to assisting small businesses achieve a speedy, cost-effective resolution of their claims by applying my own extensive experience of dispute resolution
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John Campbell QC - Barrister, Arbitrator at Faculty of Advocates & Trinity Chambers

I am delighted and honoured to be appointed to the LCAS Arbitrator List, which will provide an invaluable service to SME’s at a time when the Courts are clogged and too expensive, and disputes are on the increase. Quick, confidential resolution of awkward disputes can make all the difference to the life of a business, as we all have to work hard to shrug off the effects of the pandemic.

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Damian Croker - Arbitrator, Mediator & CEO at LegalTech

LCAS is an excellent initiative from Hunt ADR. It gives SMEs the opportunity to resolve their commercial disputes quickly and cheaply. Legal fees, management time and 50+ weeks to get to a hearing makes court unviable for most SMEs. As the legal maxim goes justice delayed is justice denied. LCAS enables greater access to justice for SMEs. I look forward as a LCAS Arbitrator to enabling SMEs to get justice in a timely and cost effective way.
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Andrew Davis - Arbitrator

I am delighted to be included as a part of the latest Hunt ADR initiative in the field of arbitration, providing solutions to the many disputes which require a suitable arbitration process to achieve finality for low cost. This can be added to the many other schemes provided by Hunt ADR, which achieve speedy and expert-led outcomes across the ADR field. This Scheme, as with the others, provides commercial acumen along with legal expertise in resolving disputes quickly, efficiently and at low cost. I look forward to playing my part when called upon.

Steve Devereux.jpg

Steve Devereux - Arbitrator & HADR Accredited Mediator

I’m proud to be listed as a Hunt ADR arbitrator for LCAS.  Dispute resolution is my 3rd career, after initially qualifying as an Aeronautical Engineer and then spending over 40 years in the international oil industry.  I’ve run my own businesses and understand the importance of resolving commercial disputes with fair, legally sound and quick awards. I look forward to helping more parties put their disputes behind them so they can focus on their business.


Constantin Eschlboeck - Arbitrator & Lawyer

Their experience in – among others – travel arbitration, has shown how effective Hunt ADR has proved in handling small and medium sized disputes through arbitration.


Matthew Finn - Arbitrator, Hunt ADR Accredited Mediator, Adjudicator & Senior Managing Director at Ankura 

I look forward to being part of a new chapter in the Hunt ADR journey. Having been regularly appointed as an arbitrator under the consumer and commercial panel since 2018, I am grateful to be accepted as an LCAS arbitrator on business disputes with a value of up to £50,000. I continue to be impressed by the direction of Hunt ADR and Gregory Hunt to find a cost-effective, value for money and rapid way for disputes to be resolved.

Aby Gast_edited.jpg

Rabbi Aby Gast - Arbitrator, Advocate & Claims Consultant at Tzedek ADR Services

I appreciate and am honoured to be appointed as a member of the LCAS Arbitrator List, the latest ADR forum offered by Hunt ADR, providing invaluable service to SME’s at challenging times.  The speedy determination of disputes can mean resolving conflicts and issues that stall businesses and will allow them to move forward to do what SMEs really should be doing - creating business and jobs, enabling our economy to roar again.

Kearney 2.jpg

Adrian Kearney - Arbitrator, Mediator & Principal at Kearney Consult

It is great to be with a team that provides access to arbitration for the entire community, at a low cost fixed fee for smaller disputes. Hunt ADR lead the way in this field with a very accomplished team. The arbitrator list is very impressive, from Q.C’s to professionally qualified consultants, and we all bring a quality and breadth of discipline which I am sure brings confidence to the market.

Hadley Lenthall.JPG

Hadley Lenthall - Arbitrator & Contract Manager Execution at Hitachi Zosen Inova

I am exceptionally pleased to have been appointed to the LCAS Arbitrator List. LCAS allows for the simple, cost-effective, timely, final and legally binding resolution of disputes between parties for disputes up to £50,000. Further to completing Hunt ADR’s renowned ArbEx programme in 2020 and as an arbitrator on the Hunt ADR Travel Arbitration Scheme’s panel, this appointment will allow me to continue the development of my arbitration skillset whilst providing businesses with an attractive option for resolving their disputes.

Kemi O_edited.jpg

Kemi Ojutiku - Arbitrator & Barrister at 5 Pump Court

I am extremely honoured to be appointed to such an innovative and progressive panel. Hunt ADR provides a world class arbitration service that meets the growing requirement for an efficient and effective forum for the resolution of commercial disputes.

Dean Sayers.jpg

Dean Sayers - Arbitrator, Hunt ADR Accredited Mediator & Adjudicator at Sayers Commercial

At a time when disputes are very much on the increase and putting real pressure on the courts, a viable cost effective (and private) alternative for lower value disputes will undoubtedly be welcomed by the business community. I look forward to using my extensive knowledge and experience in ADR to assist businesses to resolve their commercial disputes in a timely and cost effective manner.

David Sharpe QC_edited.jpg

David Sharpe QC - Arbitrator, Mediator & Senior Counsel

It is with great pleasure that I am listed as an arbitrator with Hunt ADR and its LCAS service. This is a high quality and cost effective service which will make a real difference for SME’s at a time when the Courts are struggling and disputes need speedy resolution. Post-Covid this is going to be a real winner and congratulations to Gregg for taking this forward.

Katherine Simpson_edited.jpg

Dr Katherine Simpson - Arbitrator & Barrister at 33 Bedford Row

Parties need alternatives to courts and litigation. I'm delighted to be accepting cases through Hunt ADR's new LCAS initiative.

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Robin Somerville - Arbitrator, Mediator & Barrister

I very much value and appreciate being able to conduct arbitration work for Hunt ADR. It provides me with the opportunity of determining disputes and assisting parties resolve their differences and move on with their lives / businesses using a low cost, low conflict and speedy process. It also helps me gain further experience of writing arbitral awards and conducting work under the Arbitration Act. Gregg and his team are both thought leaders but also commercial leaders in this area. It's great to work with them.

Julia Sullivan.jpg

Julia Sullivan - Arbitrator at Law Office of Julia E. Sullivan LLC

 I am delighted to have been appointed as an arbitrator to the LCAS List. Commercial arbitration is a practical mechanism of resolving disputes on the merits in a process that is based on party autonomy and control. LCAS is extremely well-implemented, avoiding the time, expense and uncertainty of court proceedings. I am looking forward to working with Gregg Hunt at Hunt ADR on this new initiative.


Susanne Tanner QC - Arbitrator, Mediator, Queen's Council at Faculty of Advocates & Crown Office Chambers 

I am delighted to have been appointed as an arbitrator on the Hunt ADR LCAS panel. The low cost scheme gives those involved in business disputes with a value up to £50,000, the option of an effective method of resolving matters as quickly and cost effectively as possible, while continuing to run their businesses. It also offers businesses control of their disputes in a way that the court system cannot, while still providing an enforceable award. Through my extensive experience of resolving disputes, I will ensure that participants can engage in the arbitration process and reach a timely outcome.


"We developed the Low-Cost Arbitration Service (LCAS), to provide business with the opportunity to have disputes of up to £50,000 resolved by arbitration as cost-effectively as possible. With its own rules and a vastly experienced list of arbitrators, we believe LCAS could be the most significant alternative to litigation available to business in the UK today."

Gregory Hunt, Chief Executive, Hunt ADR Limited