2021 (2ND EDITION) 


The Hunt ADR Low-Cost Arbitration Service (LCAS) has been developed by Hunt ADR to provide the simple, cost-effective, timely, final and legally binding resolution of disputes between parties where the amount in dispute is less than £50,000. Hunt ADR may allow applications for more than £50,000 at its own discretion.

key features

  • Private and confidential resolution of disputes between parties

  • Suitable for disputes with a value of up to £50,000

  • Fixed fee is payable by the parties on submission of the Arbitration Notice, covering Hunt ADR’s administrative costs and the arbitrator’s fees

  • Uses experienced sole arbitrators from a wide range of professional backgrounds who have specialised in documents only arbitration processes

  • Statement(s) of claim, statements(s) of defence, reply to the defence and any other document submitted (including witness statements) shall not exceed 5,000 words per submission

  • Neither party may recover any costs towards their costs of the arbitration

  • Arbitrator will issue an Award in no more than 28 days of receipt of all relevant information from the parties

key benefits

  • Ideal for pre action dispute resolution or court directed ADR

  • Fees capped at just £450 plus VAT (typically £225 plus VAT per party) with no recoverable costs - dissuading parties from incurring high legal costs

  • Final and legally binding Award issued without unnecessary delays

  • Award has the same effect as a court judgment

  • Formal procedural steps are kept to a minimum so parties are able to present their own case without legal representation

  • Confidential environment protects intellectual property, removes risk of litigation and reduces risk of reputational damage



These Rules apply to arbitrations under The Hunt ADR Low-Cost Arbitration Service (LCAS).


The object of LCAS is to provide the parties with a final and legally binding decision on their dispute in fewer than 30 days from the date that the Arbitrator has received all relevant submissions from the Parties.


The Application Form, which is available from us on request, must be signed by all parties and must be accompanied by the following:


5.1 copies of relevant contractual documents and


5.2 the Arbitration Fee of £450 plus VAT, payable by cheque, credit or debit card or bank transfer on or before the date of the submission of the Application Form.


The arbitration commences when Hunt ADR writes to the parties confirming acceptance of the application. At such a time Hunt ADR will request submission of the Statement of Claim from the Claimant, to be submitted within 28 days.


Upon receipt of the Defence to Claim Hunt ADR will appoint an Arbitrator from its list of Hunt ADR Associate Arbitrators and will notify the parties of the appointment.


Unless otherwise directed by the Arbitrator each side’s Statements of Case and witness statements (if any) shall, collectively, be no more than 5,000 words.


Within 28 days of the Arbitrator’s appointment or 28 days from receipt of information requested by the Arbitrator by issue of Orders for Directions, whichever is the latter, the Arbitrator will (via Hunt ADR) issue to the parties a written reasoned Award. The Award will be signed and dated by the Arbitrator and will be final and legally binding.


If the Parties settle their dispute after commencing the arbitration, they must immediately inform Hunt ADR who will inform the Arbitrator, if appointed.


All communications will be in electronic format and any correspondence which a Party sends to the Arbitrator, or the Arbitrator sends to a Party, must be copied to the other Party at the same time.


LCAS has been developed to provide simple, cost-effective and timely resolution of disputes between parties by a sole arbitrator, for a cost-effective fixed fee.


An arbitration is commenced when Hunt ADR receives a properly completed Application Form. The Application Form should contain party details, a brief summary of the dispute and the issues to be determined, and an outline of the relief sought.


Hunt ADR retains the right to refuse to accept to act upon an application if any of the above requirements are not complied with.


Upon receipt of the Statement of Claim Hunt ADR will send a copy to the Respondent who will have 28 days in which to submit their Defence to Claim.  The Parties should note that counterclaims are not automatically allowed under this service but can be allowed if the Claimant agrees. In such cases the value of the claim and the counterclaim cannot exceed £50,000 exclusive of taxes.


The Arbitrator will issue a timetable for the arbitration within 7 days of being appointed. All procedural matters are at the discretion of the Arbitrator.


Each party may be directed by Hunt ADR to make an additional payment following the issue of the procedural timetable if either of following applies:


12.1 Half-day Hearing or Meeting: If the parties require a half-day hearing or meeting with the Arbitrator, an additional fee of £750 plus VAT will be payable. This additional fee does not include the cost of a venue for the hearing or meeting, the Arbitrator’s expenses for the hearing or meeting, or any other expenses associated with the hearing or meeting and /or

12.2 Site Visit: If a half-day site visit is required, in order for the Arbitrator to better appreciate the matters in dispute, an additional fee of £500 plus VAT will be payable. This additional fee does not include the Arbitrator’s expenses, or any other expenses associated with the site visit.


The Arbitration Act 1996 (the Act) or any amendments to the Act, or alternative substitute legislation, shall apply to the arbitration, and the Arbitrator shall have all the powers available to an Arbitrator under that Act.


Neither Hunt ADR nor any of its officers, agents, or employees will be liable for anything done or omitted to be done in the appointment or nomination of an Arbitrator under LCAS or in respect of the administration of LCAS, unless the act or omission was shown to be in bad faith. Neither Hunt ADR nor its officers, agents, or employees shall be liable for anything done or omitted to be done by an Arbitrator nominated or appointed by Hunt ADR (or its employees or agents) under LCAS in the discharge or purported discharge.

While we finish developing an online portal for applications please CONTACT US AT ADR@HUNTADR.COM TO REQUEST AN APPLICATION FORM