Matthias Neuenschwander

Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETHZ), Switzerland M.Sc. (Civil engineering) 1985 Mediator SCCM.

Professional  associations:


  • Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects SIA

  • International Federation of Consulting Engineers FIDIC: Member of the Contracts Committee

  • Swiss Association of Consulting Engineers USIC: Swiss International Experts, Member of the Steering Committee

  • International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association ITA-AITES:  Animateur, Working Group 3 (Contractual Practices)

  • Swiss Tunnelling Society STS (member of the committee 2006-2018) 

  • TC10 Tunnel Contracts Association: Treasurer Swiss Chamber for Commercial Mediation SCCM

  • International Society for Rock Mechanics

  • ISRM Dispute Resolution Board Foundation DRBF

  • Dispute Board Federation DBF

  • Italian Tunnelling Society SIG

  • Order of Engineers and Architects of Ticino, Switzerland OTIA

  • Association of Ticino Engineering and Architecture Firms ASIAT

  • Swiss Blasting Society SVS



  • German mother tongue

  • Italian fluent

  • French fluent

  • English fluent

  • Spanish fluent

Positions held and experience


  • Since 2014 Owner and Managing Director of Neuenschwander Consulting Engineers Ltd

  • Member of the FIDIC Contracts Committee (since 2018)

  • Treasurer of the TG10 Tunnel Contracts Association (since 2019)

  • Animateur of ITA-AITES Working Group 3, Contractual Practices (since 2018)

  • Member of the Steering Committee, Swiss International Experts (since 2017)


2012–2014 Lombardi Engineering Ltd., Managing Director.


2009–2011 Lombardi Engineering Ltd., Director Technical in charge of underground works. 


2004–2009  Lombardi Engineering Ltd., Director Technical in charge of civil works and project management. 


2000–2005  Lombardi Engineering Ltd., Director, Head of supervision section, Engineer for the Gotthard Base Tunnel, Bodio Sector. 


1999–2000  Civil Engineer, Lombardi Engineering Ltd., Minusio.


1995–1999  Co-Owner, NN INGEGNERI SA, Consulting Engineers USIC, Bellinzona. Design and project

management consultancy in geotechnical, civil, structural and refurbishment works. Consulting in project management and in contracting.


1989–1995 Site and project manager, Losinger Ticino Ltd. Highways, bridges, underground and other infrastructure works. Head IT. Authorized representative from 1991.


1989, USA Project engineer, Losinger USA Inc., Bellevue WA. Estimates and site cost controlling for underground works.


1988–1989, Chad (Africa) Project Manager „School buildings“, SWISSAID-Chad.Construction of schools with adapted technology in rural areas. Program Coordinator SIWSSAID. In charge of conception, planning and managing of the development program. Partner to national and local authorities, aswell as to other development entities. Cosultant to the Swiss Development Agency SDA for the planning of a road in the desert.


1986–1988 Switzerland/Niger (Africa) Civil Engineer and scientific assistant with the „Projet comportement des sols au Niger (Swiss Institute of Tecnology/SDA). Planning, installation and management of measurements of water infiltration and hydraulic erosion in the Sahel. Construction of anti-erosion structures in the riverbeds. Geotechnical counsel to projects. Research on the stabilisation of surface earth with environment-friendly organic agents. Planning, management and interpretation of  geotechnical investigation campaigns.
1985–1986  Scientific assistant, Intitute of Geotechnics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (today: Institute for Geotechnical Engineering IGT). Teaching, research programs and third party mandates in various fields of geotechnical engineering.

Main current assignments


Waste Water Conveyor System, (Middle East, 2019-ongoing) Independent expert advisor in Arbitration.

Jonction Aéroport-Grand Saconnex, Geneva (Switzerland, 2019-ongoing) Large motorway interchange construction project. Member of the standing dispute adjudication board.


Ritom Hydro Power Plant (Switzerland, 2019-ongoing) New HPP, 48 Mcum storage capacity, Investment 250 MCHF. Independent advisor to the Swiss Federal Railways member of the Board of Directors of the Employer Ritom SA (a Joint Venture between the Swiss Federal Railways and the Ticino Power Agency) for contractual, technical and organizational issues.


Single Dispute Adjudicator, construction dispute between FEDRO and Contractor (Switzerland, 2019) Roadworks construction dispute between ARGE Rhein (Contractor, claimant) and FEDRO (Employer, respondent). Single Dispute Adjudicator.


FIDIC Contracts Committee (International, 2018-ongoing) Member of the FIDIC Contracts Committee, liaison to Task Group 10 (Form of Contract for Underground Works) and Task Group 14 (Form of Contract for Renewable Energies), Delegate to the Emerald Book Steering Board.


Master plan, Bellinzona railways workshop area development (Switzerland, 2018-2020) Project manager of the City ot Bellinzona for the urban development master plan. Parallel study of 5 multidisciplinary design groups to propose the development strategy of a 120’000 sqm area currently occupied by the Swiss Federal Railways maintenance center. Clients: City of Bellinzona, Canton Ticino, Swiss Federal Railways.


Circulago, micro tunneling for lake water thermal exchange (Switzerland, 2019) Independent expertise to all parties in a dispute on ground conditions and obstacles during a microtunneling drive underneath the city of Zug. Clients: Zug Water Company, BG Engineers, Seapipe J.V., Zug, Switzerland.


Gotthard Road Tunnel, second bore (Switzerland, 2018-ongoing) New two-lane road tunnel along the existing tunnel. Length 17 km with two ventilation caverns and connecting adits to the existing escape tunnel. Excavation of tunnel by TBM and D&B. Member of the engineering Joint Venture in charge of support to the employer. Employer: Swiss federal road authority (FEDRO).


Route des Nations, Road Tunnel (Switzerland, 2018-ongoing) New road connection between the Motorway and the United Nations neighborhood in Geneva. Twolane road tunnel with shallow overburden in urban environment. Intricate quarternary geology with multilevel ground water. Excavation in divided section with pipe umbrella. Technical and contractual advisor to the design and supervision joint venture. Employer: Canton Geneva, Switzerland


ITA Working Group 3 “Contractual Practices” (International, 2017-ongoing) Animateur of the International Tunnel and Underground Space Association’s permanent working group 3 “Contractual Practices”. Current main topics: best practice, contracts for projects involving BIM, procurement.


New motorway connection A2-A13 Bellinzona-Locarno (Switzerland, 2015-ongoing) Coordinator of the executive committee for the general design. Length: 13 km, planned investment: 1.3 billion CHF, mined tunnels 6.5 km, cut&cover tunnel 1.8 km. Client: Canton Ticino.


Marti vs. Canton Ticino (Switzerland, 2016-ongoing) Counsel to Respondent in construction contract litigation (Lugano Bypass Tunnel). Client: Canton

Task Group 10 FIDIC-ITA “New Form of Contract for Tunnelling and Underground Works (International, 2014-ongoing) Past Chair of the multinational and pluridisciplinary joint task group of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and the International Tunneling and Underground Space Association (ITA-AITES) for the drafting of a new FIDIC Form of Contract for Tunneling and Underground Works.


Large infrastructure projects Swiss Federal Road Authority FEDRO (Switzerland, 2014-ongoing) Auditor of large infrastructure projects on behalf oft he FEDRO inspectorate of finances. Client: FEDRO.


Ticino Cantonal Road Authority (Switzerland, 2014-ongoing) Advisor to the cantonal Chief Engineer for technical and contractual issues. Client: Ticino Road Authority.


CEVA, new rail link Geneva-Annemasse (Switzerland-France, 2014-ongoing) New rail link Geneva central station – Annemasse (France). 16 km railway line in urban area, of which about 10 km new line. Commissioning scheduled for 2019, investment: 1’600 Mio CHF. Task: Expert advisor to the Employer for risk management and technical and contractual issues in connection with the tunnels Pinchat (l=2.1 km) and Champel (l=1.6 km), single tube, double track tunnels in loose ground drive Champel full cross section, Pinchat as top heading and bench, pipe umbrellas and face bolting anchorage). Expert advisor to the Employer for risk management, underground, civil, rail works and for contracts. Employer: Swiss Federal Railways and Canton Geneva, Switzerland.


New Boezberg Tunnel (Switzerland, 2014-ongoing) Member of the Owner’s Review Board. Twin track railway tunnel in rock, with cross passages to the existing tunnel transformed to safety adit (l=3’446 m). Tunnel with EPB shield partly in swelling rock and karstic formations, partly in a protected thermal aquifer. Innovative contract model (Design Build +). Subcontractor to EBP Schweiz AG, Zurich. Owner: Swiss Federal Railways.


Main completed assignments


Pumped storage plant Snowy Hydro 2.0 (Australia, 2018) Expert advisor to the employer for the preparation of tender documents for the underground works of a large pumped storage plant in the Snowy Mountains, Australia. Investment volume approx. 3’500 Mio AUD. Application of the concepts of the FIDIC-ITA ”Emerald Book” and the Swiss Code SIA 118/198. Employer: Snowy Hydro.


Agua Negra Tunnel (Argentine-Chile, 2017-2019) Expert advisor to the Employer (Entidad Binacional Túnel Agua Negra EBITAN) for the drafting of the Tender Documents for a 13 km long twin tube road tunnel across the Andes, including a ventilation shaft and adit. Portals at 3’600 and 4’000 m.s.l. respectively, overburden >1’500m. Application of the concepts of the FIDIC-ITA ”Emerald Book” to a Yellow/Red Book hybrid contract. Client: Interamerican Development Bank.

Belchen Motorway Tunnel (Switzerland, 2015-2019) Member of the Dispute Adjudication Board for the „Belchen Refurbishment Tunnel“, Highway Tunnel (l=3.2 km) across the Jura in limestone formations with swelling ground and Karst. Contract Parties: Federal Road Office FEDRO, JV Marti Belchen AMB.


Railway Lausanne-Echallens-Bercher LEB, new Tunnel (Switzerland, 2017-2019) Expert advisor to the Employer for Risk management for a new rail tunnel of 1.7 km in the city of Lausanne with low overburden in delicate urban surroundings. Employer: Transports Lausannois.


EP04, reconstruction and extension of the A2 tunnel Stalvedro (Switzerland, 2015-2018) Advisor to the employer for the tendering of a large lot and for mutual claims in relation to design joint venture. Employer: Swiss Federal Road Authority FEDRO.


CERN Hi Luminosity LHC Project (Switzerland-France, 2017) Expert advisor of the construction department for the design of works contracts according to the FIDICITA ”Emerald Book”, implemented in a bespoke Red Book contract. Client: European organization for Nuclear Research CERN.


Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate ENSI (Switzerland, 2017) Mediator, round table of experts in geology, geomechanics, underground works and civil engineering regarding construction concepts of the project of nuclear waste repository. Client: ENSI.


Centre for International Legal Studies, Salzburg (Austria, 2016) Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot, Buenos Aires, 2016 – Arbitrator.


Road refurbishment project Monte Ceneri (Switzerland, 2015-2016) Ad hoc Adjudicator in the dispute over a 2 Mio CHF construction claim between the Ticino Cantonal Road Authority and the Monte Ceneri Joint Venture, regarding the principle of justification of the claim.


Swiss National Fund for Radioactive Waste Disposal NAGRA (Switzerland, 2015-2016) Member in charge of risk management of the auditing expert panel for the audition of the five-yearly update of the project budget, Nuclear waste deposits for Switzerland. Client: NAGRA.


Mt. Ceneri Base Tunnel (Switzerland, 2014-2016) Member of the expert panel to accompany the excavation process. Twin tube high speed rail tunnel in complex geology, with partly low overburden in urban area (l=13.8 km). Owner: AlpTransit Gotthard, Ltd..


Swiss federal Road Authority FEDRO, “Loveresse” Tunnel and “Court” Tunnel A16 (Switzerland, 2015-2016) Audit of the „Loveresse“ tunnel project and the “Court” tunnel project, regarding the implementation of the works contract under the legal framework on behalf of the FEDRO inspectorate of finances. Client: FEDRO. Employer: Canton Berne.

Edilstrada SA vs. Stabio Municipality (Switzerland, 2015) Advisor to the contractor in a 0.5 Mio CHF construction claim in a road and culvert project. Client: Edilstrada SA.


Main projects with Lombardi Engineering, Ltd


Agua Negra Tunnel (Argentina-Chile, 2012-2014) Project review and drafting of tender documents for a twin tube road tunnel with ventilation adit and shaft, across the Andes main ridge between Argentine and Chile (l=13 km). Main tunnels in Drill & Blast excavation, ventilation adit by TBM, ventilation shaft by raise drill. Construction and contract expert. Employer: Direccion Provincial de Vialidad, Provincia de San Juan, Argentina.


Ogliastrillo-Castelbuono Tunnel (Italy, 2012-2014) Final design of a double twin-tube railway tunnel in Sicily (l=10 km), with two underground stations. Cefalù Tunnel by EPB shield, St. Ambrogio tunnel by hard rock TBM, Cefalù station with ground improvement measures. Project director. Client: Toto Spa., Chieti, Italy; Employer: Italferr, Rome.


Tunnel T3 Hahamisha (Israel, 2012-2014) Final and detail design for a twin tube high capacity rail tunnel between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (l=10 km). Excavation with a shielded rock TBM and precast segment lining. Project director. Client: Shapir-Pizzarotti Rail, Israel. Employer: Israeli Railways.


Turin Metro (Italy, 2012-2014) Final and detail design for an underground metro line (l=1.1 km) with station. Station top-down with diaphragm walls, tunnel by EPB shield. Project director. Client: Consortium Seli-Coopsette, Turin, Italy. Employer: InfraTo, Turin.


Tunnel T48 (India, 2011-2014) Preliminary/Final Design and Supervision, railway tunnel with service tunnel (Æint. 7.20 m resp. 4.50 m, l=10.2 km) with longitudinal ventilation on the Udhampur-Srinagar line in Jammu-Cashmere. Ground cover 1’200m, 2 access adits, total of 9 excavation faces in challenging rock of the himalayan and kashmiri hills. Excavation by „shotcrete method“ (also calles NATM). Project director. Employer: IRCON, Delhi.


Galgenbuck Tunnel (Switzerland, 2009-2014) City road bypass tunnel in Schaffhausen, one tube with bidirectional traffic, two lanes with enlargement to three lanes (l=1.1 km) in challenging ground conditions (marlstone). Project director. Employer: FEDRO.


Cityring Lucerne (Switzerland, 2009-2013) Swiss national highway, twin tube highway tunnel with several ancillary works, general refurbishment without traffic disruption. Expert for underground works and for refurbishment design. Employer: FEDRO.


Seelisberg Tunnel (Switzerland, 2009-2011) Refurbishment design for the twin tube, four lane highway tunnel (2×9.2 km), the four ventilation caverns and the escape adits. Project director. Employer: FEDRO.

New highway connection A2-A13 Bellinzona-Locarno (Switzerland, 2009-2013) Feasibility study for the new highway connection A2-A13, bypass project of 13 km with twin tube tunnels in loose ground. Participation methodology. Coordinator of the political project directorate. Client: Canton Ticino.


Sainj Hydropower Project (India, 2009) HPP (100 MW) with rockfill dam, desanders, pressure tunnel, underground powerhouse, surge shaft and tailrace tunnel. Tender design for contractor. Project director. Client: Gammon-Marti J.V..

Strategic Oil Storage Initiative, Oil cavern Mangalore (India, 2008-2009) Cavern for oil storage in south-west India, storage capacity 2.0 Mio m3,. Storage method without lining below ground water table, with water seepage curtains towards the cavern from feeder tunnels. Tender design for contractor. Project director. Client: Marti-SOMA J.V..


Bellinzona bypass (Switzerland, 2008-2012) Refurbishment design for the highway bypass of the city of Bellinzona. Consultant to employer. Project director. Employer: FEDRO.


St. Gotthard highway tunnel (Switzerland, 2008-2013) St. Gotthard highway tunnel (l=16.9 km), bidirectional traffic, full transverse ventilation, vertical ventilation shafts. Refurbishment design. Project director. Employer: FEDRO.


Monte Ceneri Base Tunnel (Switzerland, 2008) Twin tube high speed railway base tunnel in rock, partly in difficult geology and partly in urban environment (l=13.8 km), with crossing of the Gotthard highway and of an urban road tunnel. Consultant to the Employer for the review of the tender documents for the main contract. Employer: AlpTransit Gotthard AG.


Oudayas Tunnel, Rabat (Morocco, 2007-2011) Twin tube road tunnel with low ground cover (Æ11.5 m, l=0.47 km) in urban environment and underneath the historic Oudayas fortress in Rabat. Project coordinator for underground works. Employer: Agence pour l’Aménagement de la Vallée du Bouregreg.


Hausmatt Tunnel (Switzerland, 2006-2013) Road tunnel bypass for the town of Olten in loose ground with low overburden in urban environment, partly below ground water (l=400 m). Project director. Employer: Canton Solothurn.


Gilgel Gibe II Tunnel (Ethiopia, 2006-2008) Headrace tunnel for Gilgel Gibe II HPP, internal Æ 6.30m, bored Æ 6.98m, l=26km, basalt, rhyolite, trachyte, dolerite, excavation by hard rock double shield TBM, lining with precast hexagonal segments, thickness 25cm. Expert advice to excavation subcontractor and to main contractor for freeing a trapped TBM from a fault zone and design of alternative alignment. Client: S.E.L.I. SpA, Rome, Italy.


Melide-Grancia Tunnel (Switzerland, 2006) Service adit between two existing highway tunnels, excavation by rock TBM, diameter 5m. Consultant to the Employer for the review of the design and of the tender documents. Employer: Canton Ticino.


Abdalajis Tunnel (Spain, 2005) Twin tube high speed railway tunnel, internal Æ 8.80m, bored Æ 10m, l=7km, quartzite, sandstone, flysch, marl and marly limestone with karstic formations, dolomite, excavation by double shield universal TBM.


Co-author to Dr. Giovanni Lombardi of expert advice on the treatment of karstic faults. Employer: Gestor de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias GIF, Madrid, Spain.


Vedeggio-Cassarate Tunnel (Switzerland, 2005-2012) Lugano bypass road tunnel with safety adit, bidirectional traffic (l=2.6 km), semi-transverse ventilation. Underground ventilation plant, 2 extraction ventilators, 8 booster fans, separate ventilation of the safety adit. 2.2 km in rock, 0.4 km in loose ground beow ground water in urban area. – 2007-2012: Owner’s Engineer and chair of the supervision JV. – 2005-2006: Consultant to the Owner’s Engineer Employer: Canton Ticino.

Gotthard highway tunnel, support and refurbishment after tunnel fire (Switzerland, 2001) Support and refurbishment of the tunnel (l=17 km) after the tragic tunnel fire on 24.10.2001, in cooperation with the prosecutor, the forensic services, the fire fighters and other services and with the contractors. Tunnel support and safety manager. Employer: Canton Ticino.


AlpTransit, Gottard base tunnel (Switzerland, 1993-2016) Twin tube high speed railway tunnel of Æ9 m (l=57 km), 3 intermediary accesses, with 2 underground multifunctional stations and 150 connecting adits, 2 vertical shafts (h=800m). Overall length of underground structures: 156 km, investment: 9’700 Mio CHF. – 2008-2014: Project director, Gotthard Base Tunnel South Engineering J.V. – 2007-2014: Expert for TBM tunneling for risk management and for contract management – 2006-2008: Leader, Risk analysis for the optimisation of the overall schedule; consultant, contract and claims management – 2000-2005: Resident Engineer, Bodio Sector Employer: AlpTransit Gotthard AG.


Nuovo Canale Viola (Italy, 1998-2004) Headrace Tunnel for the HPP Premadio, Valtellina, inside Æ3.04 m, l=18.8km, limestone (2.5km), crystalline (15.5km), excavation by double shield hard rock TBM (bored Æ 3.70m), lining precast segments, 20cm. Head of Lombardi supervision department. Employer: A.E.M., Milan, Italy.


Main projects with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI): 


Update of the official estimate of real estate values of the Canton Ticino (Switzerland, 1999-2000) Review of the programme and coaching of the staff o the project „Update of the real estate evaluation“ of the Canton Ticino. Client: Department of finances, Canton Ticino.


Task Force PTL (Switzerland, 1999) Coordinator ot the task force in charge of the evaluation of the „Lugano Transportation Plan“ (investment 800 Mio CHF). Drafter of the guideline for the management of large infrastructure projects in the Canton Ticino. Client: Ticino Government.


Cantonal guideline for the management of large projects in Ticino (Switzerland, 1999) Author of the cantonal guideline for the management of large projects in Ticino. Client: Government of the Canton Ticino.


Main projects with NN Ingegneri SA Tenders of the Road Authority of the Canton Ticino (Switzerland, 1996-1999):


Expert, verification of economic sustainability of contractor’s tenders under the cantonal law on public procurement. Client: Canton Ticino.

Refurbishment of highway interchange A2 Quinto (Switzerland, 1997-1999) Design and supervision, structural refurbishment and upgrading to compliance with new codes of four bridges across the highway and the river Ticino. Project manager. Employer: Canton Ticino.


Traffic moderation and refurbishment of cantonal road in Pollegio (Switzerland, 1995-1997) Design and supervision of trafic moderation and refurbishment project of the cantonal road across the village of Pollegio. Project manager. Employer: Canton Ticino.


Main projects with Losinger, Ltd. Rovana Diversion Tunnel, Campo Vallemaggia (Switzerland, 1993-1995):


River diversion tunnel, horseshoe section, 45m2, l=2.1 km in hard rock, Drill & Blast excavation. Water intake with concrete dam. Investment env. 20 Mio CHF. Project manager. Client: Canton Ticino.


Mappo-Morettina Road Tunnel (Switzerland, 1991-1995) Bidirectional road tunnel, bypass of the city of Locarno, (l=5 km), excavation by pilot TBM and tunnel reaming machine. With ventilation shaft (raise drill and drill & blast reaming). Investment 150 Mio CHF. Consultant to the site. Employer: Canton Ticino.


Mendrisio-Stabio highway, Lot 4h (Switzerland, 1989-1991) 2 km highway including earthworks, underpasses, culverts, river diversion works. Investement 10 Mio CHF. Project manager. Employer: Canton Ticino.


North East Outfall Sewer Tunnel estimate, Los Angeles (USA, 1989) Sewer tunnel in soft ground underneath the city of Los Angeles. (Æ6m, L=12 km), excavation with shields. Particulars: access logistics, crossing of an oil field in disuse, siphon under compressed air, gas. Estimate assistant. Employer: City of Los Angeles.


Selection of publications and conferences: 


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Neuenschwander M. et al. “Gotthard-Basistunnel: Spezielle Aspekte und Stand der Arbeiten” Galleria, 04/2002, Juni, pp. 16-30


Teaching activities: 


2000-2010 Professor of Project Management, USI – University of Southern Switzerland, Mendrisio, Switzerland
1996-2000 Professor of Project Management, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland, Lugano-Trevano, Switzerland
1985-1988 Engineer and scientific assistant, Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland


Relevant training:


University of Fribourg – Advanced programme in Commercial Mediation, 2017
Constance school for mediation – Mediation, base training, winter course 2017
Swiss Chamber of Technical and Scientific Forensic Experts – 15th Swiss Seminar for Technical and Scientific Experts, Solothurn, 2016
The Dispute Board Federation – – FIDIC Contracts Total Immersion Training Programme, Dublin, 2013 – DAB Intensive Training Programme and Adjudication Writing Course, Dublin, 2014
Fribourg University Faculty of Law – Swiss Seminar on Construction Law, editions 2003-2017