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Our experienced and award-winning mediators are available to facilitate the resolution of civil, commercial and workplace disputes online or in person.  

We categorise our mediators as 'Senior', 'Experienced' and 'Developing'. See who our mediators are here

Our mediators are available for disputes of up to £50,000 and fees are fixed as agreed with the Civil Mediation Council. For claims in excess of £50,000 contact us for further information.

Prices quoted have a ceiling of claims of up to £50,000. For claims in excess of £50,000 contact us for further information.  If allocated time is exceeded then, upon agreement to continue, you are charged an additional £100 plus VAT per party per hour once all parties and the mediator have agreed to continue.  For in person mediation additional costs may apply for room hire, refreshments, equipment etc.  Travel costs will not be charged without prior agreement. 

Please see below for ways to contact us. It would be useful to know if the parties have already agreed to mediate or if you are making an initial enquiry, and please provide brief details about the dispute and whether you are considering online or in person mediation.

What do the different 'Class' references mean?

You can choose a Hunt Mediator or you can ask us to appoint if you cannot agree between you. Some mediators may elect not to take appointments for certain classes of work. If so that will be highlighted on their profile on the Hunt Mediators page.

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