Mediation Services


Hunt ADR is a Civil Mediation Council (CMC) Registered Mediation Provider.  This means we have to adhere to certain standards in process and delivery in order to continue to be registered.  To be CMC Registered is the highest accolade that a mediation provider can achieve in the UK.


Our mediators facilitate the resolution of civil and commercial disputes.  Hunt ADR Mediators will mediate for a fixed price that covers all pre-mediation preparation and an 8-hour mediation day. You can select your mediator or Hunt ADR selects the mediator on your behalf from our published list.

In-person Mediation


Our fixed price fees (including VAT) are:

  • For disputes up to £25,000 - £480 (typically £240 each party)

  • For disputes between £25,001 and £100,000 - £720 (typically £360 each party)

  • For disputes between £100.001 and £250,000 - £1,170 (typically £585 each party)

  • For disputes between £250,001 and £750,000 - £1,680 (typically £840 each party)

  • For disputes in excess of £750,000 - £4,800 (typically £2,400 each party)

Additional costs for room hire, refreshments, equipment etc may apply.  No travel costs will be charged without prior agreement. If there are more than two parties cll us for further details.

If the mediation day exceeds 8 hours an extra hourly charge of £125 per hour plus VAT will apply.  The mediator will only proceed once the parties have confirmed their acceptance of overtime.

Telephone Mediation

Our telephone mediation service covers disputes of up to £50,000 at just £295 plus VAT.

Scheme Mediation

We also provide mediation services for the following organisations:

ABTA, The Travel Association

The Business Banking Exchange (BBX)


Diversity Trustmark


Plum Guide

To find out more about our services, to make an application or to find our more about having a bespoke scheme for your organisation, email us or call us on 020 7043 1674 today.