Mediator Experience Day

LOCKDOWN OFFER: We are pleased to bring you our famous Mediator Experience Day online. You will now not only be able to practice your mediator skills in a series of role plays but we will also award successful participants the Certificate in Online Mediation, demonstrating to parties that you have undergone real life simulations using online tools such as Zoom. We will also cut the price of the different MED packages by 25% in recognition of the fact that we will not be incurring venue, travel and accommodation costs. For more information email

Struggling to find a way to practice your mediator skills or to observe a mediation?  Struggling to meet your Civil Mediation Council CPD requirements?  The Mediator Experience Day (MED) is the answer.

MED allows you to demonstrate that you have current mediation experience.  Depending upon what package you sign up to you will be able to learn via feedback from experienced mediators and use that feedback to learn and develop as well as to market your services.

"The role play aspect was very fun and engaging. Every step of the proceedings led to a new insight in to the world of mediation"


There are three MED options and in each, those taking part are provided with all relevant mediation paperwork (mediation agreement, case papers, case information, supporting documentation and settlement agreement) and a venue, time and refreshments for their day as mediator:

Mediate-and-Go  You are provided with everything you need for a 2 hour time limited mediation. You then take control as you would in a real life appointment. There is no assistance when you turn up on the day, you mediate, and you go.

​Feedback Our most popular option. For those wanting a little more.  You are provided with everything you need two hour time limited mediation. You then take control as you would in a real life appointment. Your mediation is recorded and within 14 working days you receive a feedback report from an experienced mediator, giving tips on what you did well and where you can improve. You also play the part of a party in two other two hour time limited mediations.


Feedback+ Our ultimate package.  You are provided with everything you need for the mediation including a date, time and venue with a full day scheduled for the mediation. You then take control as you would in a real life appointment. You will be supported by an experienced mediator who will provide you with constant feedback and coaching throughout the day. Sessions will also be recorded with an independent assessment of your performance provided to you within 14 days of completion of the programme. You will be able to keep recordings of your role as mediator and use any edited versions for personal marketing. 

"It was a great experience...a fun experience, I thoroughly enjoyed it"



Online: ​Mediate-and-Go £245 plus VAT | Feedback £370 plus VAT | Feedback+ currently unavailable



Members of Hunt ADR Panels are entitled to a 10% discount. Prices include venue hire, refreshments and provision of all required mediation paperwork. Certificates of attainment will also be provided.


Dates on application.

How to secure your place

Email us to secure your place on any of the published events.  If you are interested in taking part but none of the dates / locations are available to you, please contact us and we will work with you to hold an event on a date and in a location suitable to you.