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Mediator Training


The skills of a mediator include effective communication, active listening, problem-solving, and the ability to manage conflict. This five-day course provides training on these skills and gives participants the opportunity to practice them through role-playing and other exercises.


This course aims to provide participants with comprehensive training on the skills and knowledge needed to become a civil and commercial mediator. Upon successful completion of the course, participants are eligible for recognition by the Civil Mediation Council, which is the UK mediation regulator. Overall, The course aims to give participants an in-depth understanding of the roles, responsibilities and best practices of mediators and prepare them for the professional work as a Mediator.


The course does not require previous experience or knowledge of mediation or dispute resolution, though having some background in this area can be beneficial. The course is delivered in English, and therefore it is essential for participants to have an adequate understanding of the English language to fully benefit from the course and to be able to participate actively in the training. If participants have difficulty in understanding or expressing themselves in English, it can limit their ability to absorb information and to practice the skills effectively during the course. Thus, a good command of the English language is a requirement for this course.



This online course is delivered via Zoom, which enables participants to receive training, practice their skills, and interact with the facilitators and other participants in a virtual classroom setting. The course provides a combination of theoretical and practical learning, which includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Dispute Resolution Landscape: This provides an overview of the different dispute resolution processes and the role of mediation in resolving disputes.

  • Theory of Conflict: Participants learn about the causes of conflicts and the different types of conflicts that may arise in civil and commercial disputes.

  • Psychology of Conflict within the Context of Mediation: Participants learn about the emotional and psychological dynamics of conflicts and how they can affect the mediation process.

  • Case Law and Conventions: Participants learn about the legal and regulatory frameworks that govern mediation in the UK and the relevant case law and conventions.

  • Understanding the Role of the Mediator: Participants learn about the key responsibilities and best practices of a mediator, including how to facilitate communication and manage the mediation process.

  • Learning, Developing & Applying Skills: Participants will have an opportunity to learn and practice various communication, relationship building, and negotiation skills through role-plays and class exercises.

  • Assessed Environment: Participants will have an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and understanding through a written or oral examination, or a simulation of a mediation session.


The course design intends to give participants a thorough understanding and practical experience of the various aspects of the profession of a Mediator and the legal and regulatory frameworks to practice as one in the UK.


Our experienced faculty offer live training, coaching and support and we also provide access to pre-recorded video on our E-Learning Platform and 80+ page course manual.

Through our unique relationship with Mediator Network we will continue to support you post training with opportunities to co-mediate and continually develop via CPD built to meet your needs.

Successful completion of our five day course leads to Civil Mediation Council (CMC) Accreditation. Or, sit days 1-3 and receive the Certificate in Mediation.

We are also working towards International Mediation Institute (IMI) accredtiation and hope to complete in early 2023.

Content - Days 1 to 3

Day 1: We look at mediation and where it sits in the dispute resolution landscape before looking at the first two phases in the mediation process - preparation and opening.

Day 2: Training and coaching in the arts of communication and other relevant interpersonal skills required to be an effective mediator. Includes exercises and role plays.

Day 3:  We put everything we learned on Day 2 in to practice once we have covered the remaining stages of the mediation process - exploration, negotiation (including managing offers) and closing the mediation.​ Heavy in role plays with Faculty feedback and coaching, as well as peer feedback, by the end of Day Three participants start to feel like mediators!

Content - Days 4 and 5

For those wishing to complete the journey and qualifiy as accredited mediators.


Day 4: Live sessions dealing with the whole mediation process and other important aspects such as mediation case law and ethics.  Day 4 is heavy in role plays making sure that participants are ready for their recorded assessments the following day.  


Day 5: Assessment day, which will be time tabled in advance. A follow up action plan will also be discussed with participants on Day 5 which includes exclusive access to post training services and support offered by Mediator Network.


Public open courses are being held as follows:

17th to 21st April 2023 (ONLINE)

22nd to 26th May 2023 (IN PERSON, LONDON)

Further dates will be added in due course.


We provide a quality product which provides trainees with new skills and a pathway to success as a mediator. But we want to make sure people can afford to take our course and make it as accessible as possible. We keep overheads to a minimum and are able to offer some of the most cost-effective prices on the market today.  Our open course pricing is:


Online courses - £995 plus VAT per person. Course size is limited to six participants.

In person courses - prices may vary depending upon the price for room hire and refreshments and the number of particpants. Contact us for details of the May course in London.

Certificate in Mediation

Online courses - £400 plus VAT per person.

In person courses - prices may vary depending upon the price for room hire and refreshments and the number of particpants. Contact us for details of the May course in London.

Get in Touch

To find out more please email us or call 020 7043 1674 now. We do offer private / inhouse courses and will, for example, be providing a course to a UK University during March 2023. Contact us for further details.

We also offer additional discounts for members of the Institute of Paralegals.

5% of profits are donated to foodbanks. See more about how we support foodbanks here.

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