Become a Civil Mediation Council Accredited Mediator with Hunt ADR

CMC Registered Training Course
Professions Hunt ADR 2021



In person - £2,225 plus VAT

Online - £1,850 plus VAT.

10% discount Hunt ADR associates, members of the Federation of Small Businesses, Students and anyone listed officially as a key worker. Special rate applies for members of the Institute of Paralegals - contact the IOP for further information.

New for 2022

15% discount for anyone who donates a minimum of £100 to their local foodbank (evidence required).


We look at mediation and where it sits in the dispute resolution landscape before looking at the first two phases in the mediation process - preparation and  opening.

Some pre-recorded video is sent in advance to familiarise participants with a full review of content in live sessions between participants and tutors.


Live training and coaching in the arts of communication and other relevant personal skills required to be an effective mediator. Includes exercises and role plays.


We put everything we learned on Day Two in to practice once we have covered the remaining stages of the mediation process - exploration, negotiation (including managing offers) and closing the mediation.

Heavy in role plays with Faculty feedback and coaching, as well as peer feedback, by the end of Day Three participants start to feel like mediators!


Live sessions dealing with the whole mediation process and other important aspects such as mediation case law and ethics.  Day Four is heavy in role plays making sure that participants are ready for their recorded assessments the following day. 


Assessment day, which will be time tabled in advance. A follow up action plan will also be discussed with participants on Day Five.

Gregory Hunt Mediator & Trainer

Gregory Hunt
Chief Executive, Hunt ADR Limited & Fellow of The Civil Mediation Council

As well as being an experienced mediator, Gregg has delivered mediation, arbitration and adjudication training worldwide since the 1990s. He has led on all Hunt ADR Mediator Skills Training to date and has vast experience in ensuring that participants are ready to sit their assessments with confidence.

John Jarrett is a Hunt ADR Trainer

John Jarrett
Mediator Interpersonal Skills Lead

John has over 30 years' experience in management consultancy, training and interim management specialising in all areas of customer relationship management, stakeholder management and managing a service organisation. He has developed Day Two of the course specifically to ensure that participants are armed with all the interpersonal skills required to be able to function most effectively as mediators.

Hunt ADR Trainer and Mediator Kelly Thornton

Kelly Thornton
Mediator & Faculty Member

Kelly was called to the Bar in 2016 and since then she has worked across a range of areas of law including civil, commercial, criminal and family law.  Kelly is a qualified civil, commercial and workplace mediator and mediation trainer with over 5 years experience in the mediation industry.