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Online Meeting

Accredited Civil & Commercial
Mediator Training
Online, 16 to 20 January 2023

Supported by our innovative E-Learning Portal

Course Introduction

This course is certified by the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) and is for those who wish to qualify as an accredited civil & commercial mediator.

Upon registration students are provided with an 80+ page Course Manual, a full and comprehensive recommended reading list and full access to hours of content on our E-Learning portal.

Day Three Outline

We put everything you learned on Day Two in to practice and cover the remaining stages of the mediation process - exploration, negotiation (including managing offers) and closing the mediation.

Heavy in role plays with Faculty feedback and coaching, as well as peer feedback, by the end of Day Three participants start to feel like mediators!


Early bird £1,450 plus VAT if you book before 15th December 2022. Use link or QR Code below to secure your booking.

Day One Outline

What is mediation? Where does it sit alongside arbitration, litigation and other forms of ADR?

We look in depth at the first two phases in the mediation process - preparation and  opening.


We close the day by spending time practicing the mediator's opening statement, which is a vital component of mediation and one which students must master if they wish to be successful in their assessments on Day Five.

Day Four Outline

On Day Four students will take part in carefully crafted role plays as mediators and as parties, helping them to practise all relevant skills learned over the previous three days, in preparation for sitting assessment on Day Five.

Day Two Outline

You can learn all the process and theory you like, but if you cannot communicate then mediation is not for you. On Day Two we teach all you need to know about communications and interpersonal skills to allow you to deliver mediation effectively. Includes exercises and role plays so you can put your new skills in to practice.

Day Five Outline

Assessment day. Students conduct a two hour mediation from start to finish. It is video recorded and sent to an independent assessor for marking. 

The Mediator Network will visit on Day Five to discuss options available to students once training is complete.

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