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8 Reasons to Mediate

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to be introduced by Stephen Ward to Rita Leat and her colleagues at the Institute of Paralegals (IOP). Rita and I eventually met in Malaga at an event put on by John Brebner at the University of Malaga which led to me training members of the English Law Studies course at the university and becoming the supplier of the Diploma in Mediation to the IOP itself.

It was pleasure then to see John and Rita, along with Carmen, Neil and Hunt ADR Accredited Mediator Philip Nam, amongst 100 participants from across the world in a workshop led by James O'Connell of Mayo Wynne Baxter who spoke about top tips for contract drafting.

My spot covered my '8 Reasons to Mediate', namely:

1. Mediation is more time effective

2. Mediation can save costs

3. Mediation can protect against costs

4. Mediation is confidential and without prejudice

5. Mediation addresses power imbalances between the parties

6. Mediation and its benefits to cashflow agreements

7. Mediation can repair and rebuild important business (and personal) relationships

8. Mediation is the parties final chance to exert control on the outcome before handing over its dispute to a third party decision maker

I'd like to thank the IOP for the invitation to speak at this event, and remind IOP members that there are just two places left at the next diploma course wc 22 March 2021. Further details can be found here. The course, leading to accreditation as a mediator, is open to non-IOP members who can visit here. More dates will be added shortly.


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