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A first at 50...and a third award

Well, today is the day I officially became 'old' with the administration of a flu jab on age grounds (i.e. being 50).

But it is not all doom and gloom. As you get older you get more experienced, some would say wiser even, and sometimes you start to get some recognition for your work.

Last year saw me win awards for the first time and be invited on to panels as an expert, a mentor and as a mediator, and I'm pleased to report that 2021 has started well with my first award of the year, and my third over the last few months, being confirmed today with the Corporate International Award for Commercial Disputes Mediation Expert of the Year in the United Kingdom 2021.

Thank you to whoever nominated me, and here is to the rest of the year and plenty of mediation, mediator training and arbitration cases to come. Oh and do check out my new collaboration with Dr Kabir Duggal and Rekha Rangachari at CertIDR.

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