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Tomorrow's business leaders move to understand the importance of mediation and ADR today

Today our Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution, designed specifically for students, went live.

The very first student to access the course is studying Biochemistry. Others who started include undergraduates studying Psychology, Business & Human Resource Management, Mathematics, International Relations, the Classics, History, Economics and Archaeology - as well as Law of course.

This meets our goal that mediation, arbitration and adjudication (ADR) is not the preserve of lawyers only, it is something which needs to be appreciated and understood by workers in all industries.

By giving students the opportunity to learn we are enabling them to take their knowledge in to the workplace regardless of their chosen career. We need to make this knowledge the norm in order to continue to grow appreciation of the benefits to business ADR brings. We aim to use this course to educate the business leaders of tomorrow.

If you are a student or a recent graduate - whatever the discipline and wherever you are learning, email for more information.

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