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Cycle for Foodbanks featured in Rhyl Journal as Gregg heads to Belfast

Source: The Rhyl Jourrnal

This week saw the first regional press coverage for Cycle for Foodbanks as the initiative was picked up by the Rhyl Journal, the leading local newspaper for the area.

Journalist Matthew Chandler spoke with Hunt ADR Chief Executive about his static cycle ride to raise awareness of the need to provide for foodbanks, and why in particular Rhyl featured as one of his stops.

As reported, Gregg told Matthew

I’m from Skelmersdale and a lot of summer holidays were spent in Rhyl. My grandad had a caravan there, and I even took my kids there a few years ago; for me, it has an important place in my childhood. I had some great times there. I lost my dad at an early age and he was on those holidays with me, so it is a pretty special place, and I know it has had a pretty tough time lately.

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