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Educating and Supporting Mediators in 2022 and beyond

Today we offer a new comprehensive package to prospective mediators in collaboration with Mediator Network.

Of this collaboration Gregory Hunt, Hunt ADR Chief Executive and Head of the Hunt ADR Training Faculty, says

For a long time now I have felt more could be done to support newly qualified mediators post-training. For the last year or so we have had an informal arrangement with the Mediator Network who can assist newly qualified mediators in taking those next steps. Today I can confirm that we have gone a step further and are now offering a new market innovation - a full training package which includes a huge amount of post qualification support from Mediator Network.

From today, you can continue to elect to register with us direct for training and accreditation only, or you can elect to register via Mediator Network in return for access to a huge range of post course benefits. These include

  • 12 months practice building support

  • 12 months mentoring

  • 12 months peer support

  • Resources and book bundle

  • Professional bio and LinkedIn support

  • Business roadmap - your winning strategy

For more information on our collaboration with Mediator Network visit here, or if you want the training without the post course support, visit here. We have spaces available for our March (online) and April (London) courses.

Gregory adds

You can't beat collaboration when it leads to innovation. This is, I believe, the best package available to aspiring mediators. Combining training with accreditation with unrivalled post qualification support. It has it all and we look forward to a long standing relationship with Mediator Network with further enhancements to come.

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