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Mediation Meander with Suryen Nullatamby

I have invited anyone who wants to know more about mediation and what I do to join me for a socially distanced walk in a park other other nice venue within an hour of Billericay. Last week in Mediation Meander with John Jarrett I spent a couple of hours walking with John in the Lee Valley discussing different techniques to apply when training mediators.

Today was the second Mediation Meander and saw me head to the historic Wat Tyler Country Park near Basildon for a chat with Hunt ADR Associate Arbitrator & Adjudicator, Suryen Nullatamby.

Suryen and I covered a lot of ground and with Suryen being a construction expert, a lot of chat around construction disputes and the use of mediation, adjudication and arbitration in particular as a means to resolve them outside of court. Of course, if I am honest, we spent just as long if not longer talking about Liverpool's win over Leicester last night...

These walks are a great way to get to get some lockdown exercise and get to know people better, and I look forward to having the chance to sit down and have a pint with Suryen once the pubs are open and we can meet socially.

Read more about Suryen's experience at Suryen Nullatamby LinkedIn - and if you want to take part in a future Mediation Meander, drop me a line and we can get it sorted before it gets too cold!


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