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New Online Event: Case Law for Mediation

Introduced by Gregory Hunt, Case Law for Mediation is a 90 minute CPD workshop (1.5 hours CPD) where Hunt ADR Associate Mediator Rob Langley identifies and explains the most relevant case law for mediation.

Includes Q&A session with Rob and Gregg. Certificate of attendance provided (electronic).

Cases covered will include (but are not limited to):

  • Dunnett v Railtrack 2002 CA

  • Halsey v Milton Keynes NHS Trust 2004 CA

  • PGF II v OMFS 2013 CA

  • Lomax v Lomax 2019 CA

  • Invesco v Ohpen 2019 TCC

  • DSN v Blackpool (CA 2020)

  • Wales v CBRE 2020 Comm Ct

Your Trainer Rob Langley is a mediator, adjudicator and trainer based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He finds solutions to problems and conflicts, especially in the fields of construction, engineering and insurance; but also in businesses, partnerships, neighbourhoods, and families - solving the problems of wills and intestacies. He is a Hunt ADR Associate Mediator and an Accredited Workplace Mediator.

As well as mediation Rob offers other problem-solving techniques - adjudication, conciliation and arbitration. Fast, cost-effective, and alternative.

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