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No Disputing That Ep 11: Techno Beat. With Colin Rule

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Colin Rule is one of those people who you feel good to know. His journey has taken him from the Windy City to the Silicon Valley with so many stops in between. Colin was there at the birth (if not conception) of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). At eBay he developed an ODR platform which was used to resolve more than 60 million disputes a year. That's not a typo. 60 million disputes a year!

In this episode of No Disputing That, Gregg & Colin discuss how ODR has developed since they first met during an event in Brussels c. 2001 where Gregg was leading a team launching Europe's first ever ODR scheme - for Ford Motor Company.

They discuss the scale difference between the UK and the giants of the US, China and India. They discuss ODR in the UK and Colin's view that whilst Blockchain and Metaverse are still work in progress, AI is here - right now - and nobody should ignore it. Finally they cover how the pandemic has modernised and normalised ODR - especially for mediation.

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