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No Disputing That Ep 12: Foodbank Special Part One. With John Ratomski

In this episode of No Disputing That we move away from the world of mediation and arbitration and instead take a look at something very important to me, and to thousands of others across the country - foodbanks.

I discuss the invaluable contribution that foodbanks make to society with John Ratomski, founder of Irons Supporting Foodbanks, in Newham, London.

Like me, John was initially inspired by the Fans Supporting Foodbanks movement in Liverpool, and John used that inspiration to make a significant contribution to the lives of thousands in his area. What John has achieved since founding Irons Supporting Foodbanks is nothing short of inspirational itself.

I hope this podcast inspires you to look for your nearest foodbank and help out in whatever way possible. There has never been a time when your support would mean more.

If you only ever listen to one podcast in this series, make it this one, and let's do our best to make sure there is no room for hunger in our society.

Listen to this and every episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or via Anchor online.


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