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Not your average dispute resolution service

We have recenty become aware that not only have we received our 100th Trustpilot review, but our score of 4.6 places us well above the mediation service category average of 3.7.

We are very proud of this achievement.

The majority of scores relate to our various training programmes, including our five day mediator skills programme, but they also include positive reviews of our Travel Arbitration Service, which is welcome as it is often the case that only parties who lose at arbitration leave reviews - and these don't tend to be very good!

Gregory Hunt, Mediator & Podcaster and Chief Executive of Hunt ADR, adds

Thank you to all our reviewers (even those who left negative reviews) and to everyone who helps make Hunt ADR the business it is. From our training faculty to our arbitration scheme administrators, to our mediators and arbitrators, our finance team, our collaborators, our trainees and arbitration and mediation parties, thank you all for helping us achieve such an impressive rating


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