Our new pricing structure explained

From today all disputes referred to Hunt ADR for mediation for under £500,000 will be dealt with via Disputeshock. Please see https://www.disputeshock.com/apply-for-mediation for details on pricing. I believe in transparency and that includes parties knowing how much the mediator is being paid for their work. A fair share between mediator and provider is 70/30. So in the case of a Disputeshock mediation the mediator will be paid a minimum of £525 plus VAT and a maximum of £700 plus VAT for a one day mediation. For claims of more than £500,000 I am fixing the fee at £3,000 plus VAT per day. Please see https://www.huntadr.com/mediation. This will mean the mediator receives £2,100 plus VAT for a mediation day for claims in excess of £500,000. These will be the only fees and the only fee structure that Hunt ADR will be using for mediation from today. All our mediators are signed up to this pricing structure. These changes mean that the Hunt ADR and Disputeshock panels will be merged in to one. Full details will be published at https://www.disputeshock.com/our-resolvers (this page does not currently show members of the Hunt ADR panel unless they are already on Disputeshock - it will be updated over the coming days). Please note that only those who have undertaken Hunt ADR online orientation will be able to display the Certified Online Mediator logo.

In conclusion, we are here to facilitate the resolution of civil and commercial disputes. We are open for face to face (socially distanced) and online mediation (using the CCODR platform). Our pricing is competitive, our mediators are excellent and our service is second to none.

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