Samantha Lowe

Sam’s niche area of practice is chancery work with a specific focus on proprietary estoppel, contested probate, trusts and estates. Her in depth knowledge of the law and understanding of the personal and emotional aspects of these cases, allow her to mediate them with specific expertise to the sensitive and emotional issues involved. She is described as a “sensible and hardworking” and “ a caring and professional woman”, with a “considerable degree of patience”, however she also brings "tenacity" and "steely resolve" to the process if necessary. 


Sam has excellent communication skills and builds rapport and trust at a rapid rate. Her ability to grasp complex legal disputes as well as empathise with the emotional side of contentious situations is second to none. She has a wealth of experience in dealing with farming disputes, multi cultural and inter faith disputes. Her background allows her to work together with parties exploring their most personal and private affairs and facilitating discussions and exploring solutions within the complex framework of the contentious trusts arena.


Sam has significant experience in all stages of litigation from pre action matters to lengthy trials in the Chancery Division at the RCJ and on into the SCCO. Sam therefore is best placed to challenge parties to think about the worst case scenario at trial, allowing parties to test the strength of their respective cases and consider the various outcomes at trial including the impact of costs orders.

Given Sam’s background in proprietary estoppel, contested probate, trusts and estates, she has a special interest and expertise in mediating such disputes and promoting pre action mediation in these circumstances. Disputes involving families and inheritance can escalate rapidly and Sam believes that such escalation can be avoided by mediating early. 


Recent Testimonials 

“Samantha is one of the best mediators I have used. She is a pleasure to work with, understands the complexities involved in bridging seemingly unbridgeable gaps between the parties and has a really good commercial acumen. She is an excellent mediator.”

1975 Act claim - Associate - JMW Solicitors LLP, Manchester


"Sam is an active mediator who engages with the parties to ensure that each side can explore and understand the strengths and weakness of their respective cases. She challenges participants which aids in resolution and her approach is refreshing especially when some of her peers simply pass messages. Having utilised her services recently for a commercial dispute I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

Contract dispute - Solicitor, Commercial Litigation Solicitor, Endeavour Partnership, Tees Valley


“Sam helped make the mediation process so much easier. It can be daunting for clients who are embarking on mediation and Sam instantly made my clients feel at ease and comfortable in the situation they had found themselves in. Sam’s guidance was firm but also friendly and her involvement was paramount to reaching the resolution we needed. I would happily and highly recommend Sam as a mediator”.

Contract dispute - Solicitor - Milners Law, Leeds 


“Samantha combines a first class legal brain with tons of emotional intelligence – an excellent mediator all round. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services”

Trust and farming dispute - Partner, Ison Harrison, Leeds


“Samantha toiled in to the early hours for us to help us to find a resolution for what was a multi-party contentious probate case and it was hugely appreciated by us and by our clients. It really was a sterling and highly professional effort from her and we will not hesitate to recommend her or to use her again as a mediator. Thank you!”

Proprietary Estoppel Claim and associated 1975 Act claim - Senior Associate, Square One, Newcastle upon Tyne

"We engaged Samantha as a mediator in a complex contentious probate matter with an agricultural context. Samantha’s manner and methods were excellent throughout – she knew exactly how to explain arguments and proposals to the clients so that they could easily understand and quickly grasp the differing positions.  Her innate understanding of people (and especially farmers!) was absolutely invaluable. Samantha also reacted quickly and appropriately to situations as they developed, adapting her approach and knowing exactly when to intervene and when to stand back.  I would not hesitate to recommend Samantha to anyone, especially those looking for a sensitive yet tough and determined mediator.”

Commercial Litigation Partner


"I instructed Sam on a very tricky IA claim. Tensions between the parties were high and settlement seemed unlikely. Sam’s rapport with the parties and expert knowledge of this area greatly assisted in settlement on the day. I would have no hesitation in recommending her."

Solicitor - Commercial Law Firm, Leeds 


General Mediation Experience and Expertise

  • Private wealth litigation

  • Proprietary Estoppel

  • Constructive trust claims  

  • Claims affecting farming partnerships and agricultural land. Sam has huge experience in dealing with the farming industry and the nuances associated with the farming culture and inheritance disputes.

  • Contested probate claims

  • Inheritance Act claims

  • Breach of trustees duties 

  • Breach of attorney’s duties

  • Abuse of LPA’s

  • General succession disputes.

  • Partnership disputes

  • Shareholder disputes 

  • Inter faith and inter generational disputes 

  • Breach of contract

  • Commercial agency agreements

  • Professional negligence claims

  • Breach of warranty

  • Misrepresentation

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