Sandy Brown

Sandy Brown is a practising litigation solicitor, as well as being a trained family mediator, accredited workplace mediator and a civil and commercial mediator.  She resolves conflict between families, staff members and businesses with a tried and tested approach, proven to provide a long-lasting solution. 


Sandy has mediated between people of all ages and at every level of management and staff, she is approachable, versatile and encourages people to talk about their problems openly and honestly which helps empower them to resolve their disputes. 

Mediate with Sandy

Our online ADR management system is provided by Limited, a Cloud based system hosted in Tier 3 data centres in three separate geographical locations in England. In order to book Sandy to mediate you need to either:


(a) Register with DEF online to login to the Platform. To do so please click on the button below. You will be taken to the DEF platform where you need to Register.  Once registered you can add your case and start mediation.


(b) If you do not want to apply online please either email Hunt Mediation or call us on 020 7043 1674.