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Cycle for Foodbanks


Since 2018, with help from many others involved  in the ADR Sector, I have raised thousands of pounds in donations for foodbanks across the UK, contributing food, bathroom and sanitary items, nappies and other non-perishable goods to help those most in need.

Now I'm static cycling 2092.4km to raise awareness of the need to keep feeding those who cannot afford to feed themselves.  It is said we are all only a couple of pay packets away from poverty, so I ask you to contribute directly to you local foodbank. You can see the virtual route I'm taking below, and links to the specific foodbanks I'm supporting as part of this foodbank supporting initiative.

Supported Foodbanks

Billericay Foodbank ​| Hull Foodbank | Edinburgh Foodbank | Skelmersdale Foodbank | Rhyl Foodbank | North Belfast Foodbank | Cork Foodbank | Bude Foodbank | Romford Foodbank ​| Basildon Foodbank



Progress (last updated 4th April 2023)

Well, it is taking longer than originally planned! I was doing well until I got COVID and then I lost my way a bit through the general tiredness that followed. I also suffer a bit with my knee I had replaced about 8 years ago which can start hurting if I do too much in one go.  But I periodically get back on the saddle and do what I can before the next old man ailment kicks in! 


Unfortunately though during March I injured my good knee and I am unable to do any cycling for the foreseeable future. I will pick it up again as soon as I am able.

So, so far:

  • I've cycled from Billericay to Hull, Hull to Edinburgh, Edinburgh to Skelmersdale, Skelmersdale to Rhyl and now I'm crossing the Irish Sea before my next land drop in Belfast (via but not stopping in the Isle of Man)

  • Cumulative time taken so far is 44 hours and 39 minutes 

  • Cumulative distance so far is 1,066.53 km which means there is 16.47km to go before I hit Belfast!  Belfast is also to the km the half way point

Why these locations? Hunt ADR is based in Billericay. I went to university in Hull. Close friends live in Edinburgh. I was brought up in Skelmersdale and spent my childhood holidays in Rhyl. Belfast is a hub of Hunt ADR activity and Cork represents my Irish ancestory and is geographically well located for a crossing to Bude. Bude is a regular host to me and my family and Romford is where my wife was born and raised.  Basildon is linked strongly with Billericay and also reminds me of Skelmersdale with its countless roundabouts.

Let me know if you have donated as part of this initiative

Cycle for Foodbanks, PO Box 12627, Billericay, Essex CM12 2EZ

0044 (0) 20 7043 1674

Thanks for your support!

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