Since 2018 we have raised thousands of pounds in donations for foodbanks across the UK, contributing food, bathroom and sanitary items, nappies and other non-perishable goods to help those most in need. 


About Cycle for Foodbanks

Hunt ADR Chief Executive Gregory Hunt is static cycling 2092.4km to raise awareness of the need to keep feeding those who cannot afford to feed themselves.  It is said we are all only a couple of pay packets away from poverty, so we ask you to contribute directly to you local foodbank if you feel inspired by our efforts. You can see the virtual route Gregg is taking below, and links to the specific foodbanks we are supporting as part of this foodbank supporting initiative.

FoodbankCycle Edi Skem.jpg

Supported Foodbanks

Billericay Foodbank ​| Hull Foodbank | Edinburgh Foodbank | Skelmersdale Foodbank | Rhyl Foodbank | North Belfast Foodbank | Cork Foodbank | Bude Foodbank | Romford Foodbank ​| Basildon Foodbank



Progress (last updated 15th October 2021)

  • Gregg has cycled from Billericay to Hull, Hull to Edinburgh and is now between Edinburgh and Skelmersdale

  • Cumulative time taken is 32 hours and 36 minutes

  • Cumulative distance so far is 781km

  • Cumulative calories so far is 12,357 calories

You can follow updates from Gregg on our YouTube Channel.

Let us
know if you have donated as part of our initiative

Hunt ADR Foodbank Support, #cyclingforfoodbanks, PO Box 12627, Billericay, Essex CM12 2EZ

0044 (0) 20 7043 1674

Thanks for your support!