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Certificate in ADR: A Student’s Guide to Dispute Resolution in Business & the Workplace

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Disputes are inevitable in business yet students rarely gain exposure to dispute resolution techniques which will make them more valuable to employers. Whether it be a career in Law, Business or Education, understanding when ADR can be useful and how to apply it will help make you stand out from the crowd.


I learned so much about the different techniques one may use to effectively mediate. Gregg has a lot of experience in this field…I really valued the opportunity to learn directly from him. I would really recommend that any students interested in ADR learn from Gregg as it will not only provide an excellent understanding of ADR, but also help you stand out in job applications and interviews. Kamya Gopal, Graduating Law Student, University of Exeter, June 2020


Course Information:

· This online course offers 10 video lessons split into 4 Chapters:

- Grounding in Mediation

- Practical Mediation Skills

- Arbitration and other forms of ADR

- Examination (written assignment)

· Videos range from 25-45 minute lessons and are accompanied by clips of student / teacher interaction and Q&As

· Upon completion of the course you will receive the Certificate in ADR from Hunt ADR

· Full course, examination and certificate all included for £65.


Why this is useful to you:

If you study the following courses at University or plan a career in Business, Law or Education then this could be the course that sets you apart:

Business | Finance | Management | Humanities | Social Sciences |



To register interest or confirm your booking please email Rob Hunt now.

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