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Doomsday Mediation

The Doomsday Clock has been ticking close to midnight in three of my last four mediation cases.

These mediations have been what I call 'Doomsday Mediation' - meaning in each case the mediation took place within seven days of a planned court hearing.

As an example, I was approached in the first week of December by parties with an international dispute (c. £125,000). We agreed to pencil in an afternoon session for a half day mediation done by Zoom. The mediation was confirmed and less than 36 hours later we started the mediation at 1pm and finished - with a settlement - six hours later.

The beauty of Doomsday Mediation is illustrated clearly here. The time between me being first approached to confirm my availability and fees and completing the mediation was fewer than seven working days whilst the time between the mediation being confirmed and it starting was just 36 hours.

In those 36 hours the mediation agreement was drafted, agreed and signed by all participants, my guidance for parties was issued and received by the parties, an agreed bundle was shared and the parties shared documents and information with me for 'my eyes only'.

Invoices were raised and my fee was paid and the mediation began on time at 1pm.

We had no technical issues using Zoom and the parties, due to the international nature of this dispute, saved hundreds if not thousands on travel and accommodation. After six hours the parties had settled and the hearing scheduled for this week was cancelled. With the parties saving thousands on additional legal fees, there is a genuine possibility that they will work together in the future.

A victory for Doomsday Mediation.

Don't let the clock tick past midnight on your dispute. It is rarely too late to mediate. I'm available for more Doomsday Mediation (AKA last minute mediation) now. Full day rate is £975 plus VAT per party. Half day rate is £556.25 plus VAT per party. £160 plus VAT per hour for additional hours. Email me at Save the pain associated with that upcoming court date and try to settle now.


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