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Experience Innovative Mediation Training with Hunt ADR's AI-Powered, On-Demand Foundation Course

Discover the world of mediation and alternative dispute resolution with Hunt ADR, a Civil Mediation Council certified mediator training provider, as they launch The Foundation in Mediation and ADR.

This comprehensive, on-demand course provides a solid foundation in mediation and insights into other ADR methods such as arbitration, adjudication, early neutral evaluation, and expert determination.

Gregory Hunt, Founder and Chief Executive of Hunt ADR, and an acclaimed mediator with Arbitra International, enthusiastically endorses the innovative approach:

I've never seen anything like this before. The integration of AI and cutting-edge technology truly sets this course apart, reinforcing Hunt ADR's position as a pioneer in mediator training and continuing professional development.

The Foundation in Mediation and ADR is a beginner-friendly, on-demand course designed to provide essential knowledge and practical skills for understanding mediation and ADR processes. Participants will delve into critical concepts such as the root causes of disputes, cultural differences, dispute psychology, and practical negotiation strategies, while mastering their understanding of the five stages of mediation.

Powered by AI, this modern course demonstrates Hunt ADR's dedication to being a leader in the profession, offering engaging multimedia content and interactive quizzes for a dynamic learning experience tailored to both beginners and experienced professionals.

As a participant, you will learn about the mediator's role in guiding parties through the mediation process, ensuring that communication remains constructive and focused on finding solutions. The course also covers vital techniques and strategies for managing disputes and navigating complex negotiation scenarios.

Upon completing The Foundation in Mediation and ADR, you will have a solid understanding of mediation and ADR processes, preparing you for more advanced learning opportunities such as Hunt ADR's full Mediator Accreditation Programme. As a bonus, if you decide to enrol in the full Mediator Accreditation Programme after completing this course, the cost of The Foundation in Mediation and ADR will be deducted from the Mediator Accreditation Programme cost.

Seize this opportunity to embark on a rewarding journey with Hunt ADR, gain the tools and confidence to effectively navigate complex mediation scenarios, and help parties achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Sign up today at and begin your path to gaining a strong foundation in mediation and ADR, all at your own pace.


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