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fooDResolution Announcement

I started collecting for foodbanks across the UK in 2018 after seeing the work done by football fans in Liverpool (see picture). At the same time I saw a new business called Secret Hamper doing good in the community. These two movements inspired me to start fooDResolution.

With others, I then oversaw the collection of food and other household items which together supplied more than 2,000 households with food and items like nappies, sanitary products and other household goods. During the pandemic fooDResolution raised more than £1,500 in donations, which resulted in donations to more than 30 foodbanks across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

In January 2021 I decided to discontinue fooDResolution in favour of committing to donate to foodbanks in Basildon, Bude, Hull, Romford and Skelmersdale and to continue to encourage donations in locations across the UK (and further afield) when I am back training in person in any particular location.​

I would like to thank everybody who donated, hosted a collection, publicised a collection and so on. There are too many to mention but I would like to give special thanks to Stephen Ward and Clerksroom, Dorcas Crawford, Mandy Lee and to Mark Woodford-Smith, Angela Baker and Systech and its staff in Manchester for hosting and donating to the biggest collection we had. There are many others - I thank you all.

I'd also like to thank Fans Supporting Foodbanks for their support and early advice, and their inspiration. Hunt ADR is a family business and fooDResolution has been a family effort so thanks to my wife and three children for their efforts in helping collect, package and deliver items for local foodbanks - this will continue as we continue to donate as a family and as Hunt ADR.

The fooDResolution strapline - No Place for Hunger - survives. I feel it is even more relevant today with millions struggling to feed their families during the pandemic. If you would like to offer support to foodbanks please get in touch with me at

All the best and please keep giving to your local foodbank.


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