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Nine in 10 councils see rise in people using foodbanks and an increase in family mediation services

An article in today's Guardian brings together two of the most important topics in my life - foodbanks and mediation. The article - which can be read here - highlights the increase in the use of foodbanks and mediation during the pandemic.

Foodbank use is on the increase in England

The increase in the use of foodbanks is not a surprise and is likely to continue for a long time, As I have said many times, please donate to your local foodbank or you can search The Trussell Trust and choose to donate online. Together we can make a difference and show there is no place for hunger in our society.

There is also an increase in the use of family mediation services

I and many others have campaigned for years to see an increase in mediation reported in the press, but not for these reasons. The fact that family mediators are busier than ever is a terrible indication of a side effect of the pandemic. I have never gone down the route of family mediation, I prefer the commercial world of disputes, and I applaud the efforts of those working in this sector at this time as whilst it is always good to be able to ply your trade, sometimes the circumstances are incredibly mentally challenging. Thank god there are people who do this work on behalf of their communities.

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