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No Disputing That Ep.15: Education Education Education - and Legal Tech. With John Keers

Welcome to the latest episode of No Disputing That, where Gregg dives into the exciting world of ADR and how technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are shaking things up.

In this episode, we're pleased to share a conversation between Gregg and John Keers (not pictured), Course Director of the LLM in International Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution at Ulster University.

The chat kicks off with a look into the unique LLM course at Ulster University, which is the only programme that includes professional accreditation of students as mediators. John considers why other universities haven't done this yet, and how students become ambassadors for alternative dispute resolution in their home countries once they have completed the programme.

The conversation then turns to the current state of mediation in Northern Ireland, which is progressing slowly due to a lack of funding. But there's hope on the horizon, with government-funded projects being looked at and organisations pushing for more investment in ADR.

John also shares his success in the legal tech world, where he's part of a team which has developed a couple of very impressive platforms - Engage and Swift - that make the lives of dispute resolution professionals and parties easier.

Gregg asks John to outline the BEIS scheme for commercial rent arrears during the pandemic, which was made possible by the online solutions developed by CCODR and the work of the Hunt ADR panel of arbitrators.

In conclusion, this conversation between John Keers and Gregory Hunt is a fascinating look into the impact of university led education in mediation and at technology and AI on ADR, and how it's changing the game. It's clear that adapting to these changes is essential to staying relevant in the field.

The full podcast is available below and by searching No Disputing That on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Audible and Anchor. Some episodes are available on the Hunt ADR YouTube Channel.


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