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Probate Disputes: Mediation with Gregory Hunt

Gregory Hunt, Probate Mediator
Gregory Hunt Probate Mediator

Embarking on the journey of probate often brings a wave of emotions - grief, frustration, and sometimes, tension among family members. In these delicate moments, the prospect of resolving disputes in court can exacerbate an already challenging situation. As a seasoned mediator specialising in probate cases, I understand that emotions run high during these times, and the last thing anyone wants is a prolonged and adversarial legal battle.

Probate disputes carry the weight of family history, personal legacies, and cherished memories. Opting for self-resolution through mediation offers a path that not only sidesteps the complexities of the courtroom but also allows individuals to actively participate in crafting their own solutions.

Probate disputes can be intense, complicated, and time-consuming, leaving everyone involved exhausted. As an experienced mediator who has himself been through probate, and mediated probate cases, I understand the unique difficulties that clients and their lawyers face in these situations. My goal is to create an environment that encourages discussion and negotiation, leading to settlement.

Benefits of Probate Mediation:

Mediation provides a confidential and collaborative alternative to traditional litigation. Through my experience with probate cases, I have effectively guided parties towards settlements that save time, money, and, if wanted by the parties, help maintain or even restore previously damaged family and personal relationships.

Why Choose Me as Your Probate Mediator?

1. Expertise Matters:

I bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to the table. My comprehensive understanding of probate through the eyes of a bereaved party allows me to facilitate meaningful discussions that address all aspects of the probate case.

2. Creating Comfort in Uncomfortable Situations:

Probate disputes often take a heavy emotional toll. My ability to create a comfortable atmosphere helps foster open communication. I approach each case with empathy, recognising the sensitive nature of probate matters.

Throughout my entire career as a mediator, people have consistently praised my skill in demonstrating empathy, building connections with individuals facing personal challenges, and effectively communicating with them. Many consider this ability to be my greatest strength in the field of mediation.

3. Proven Track Record:

Success speaks for itself. Throughout the years, I have successfully mediated numerous probate cases, gaining the trust of clients and lawyers alike. My dedication to achieving positive outcomes has become a hallmark of my mediation practice.

4. Transparent Fee Structure:

To provide peace of mind, my mediation services include a transparent fee structure. All fees are established in advance, eliminating the uncertainty of unexpected charges. This commitment ensures that parties can concentrate on the resolution process without the worry of escalating costs.

Contact me now:

If you are a lawyer representing clients involved in probate disputes, consider the advantages of selecting me as your mediator. Let me guide your clients through the process, providing the expertise needed to navigate these challenging cases successfully.

Contact me today to discover how my experience, calming presence, structured approach, and clear fee structure can greatly contribute to achieving settlement for your clients.

Call 01823 704099 or email for further details.

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