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Rabbi Aby Gast appointed to LCAS Arbitrator List

Rabbi Aby Gast has been confirmed as an arbitrator under the Hunt ADR Low-Cost Arbitration Service, providing businesses with access to cost effective arbitration to resolve business disputes with a value of up to £50,000.

This latest initiative from Hunt ADR, the UKs largest arbitration provider by volume, sits alongside its award-winning Travel Arbitration Scheme and its ad-hoc and various scheme operations.

All arbitrators have undertaken at least ten published arbitration awards.

Aby says of his appointment

“I appreciate and am honoured to be appointed as a member of the LCAS Arbitrator List, the latest ADR forum offered by Hunt ADR, providing invaluable service to SME’s at challenging times.
The speedy determination of disputes can mean resolving conflicts and issues that stall businesses and will allow them to move forward to do what SME’s really should be doing - namely creating business and jobs enabling our economy to roar again. We are in a time in which we awaken from the effects of the pandemic, a challenge we have not faced in the past hundred years. With LCAS and its carefully chosen professional and expert arbitrators, we finally have the tools to move away from potential problems caused by disputes which can be found to be fatal to SME’s. LCAS is a true life-saver for them!
I am thankful to Hunt ADR for providing me with this opportunity of resolving disputes whilst keeping procedures at a speedy and, most importantly, low cost. This opportunity will also help me gain further experience in the domestic arbitration area.
We should all applaud Gregory Hunt and his team for their great insight, work and dedication in the Arbitration branch. It is straightforward and pleasant to work with them.”

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