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Robin Somerville Appointed as Chair of Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Arbitration Scheme

We are delighted to confirm that Robin Somerville has been appointed as Arbitration Panel Chair for appointments under the CCODR Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Arbitration Scheme.

Selecting Robin, Hunt ADR Chief Executive Gregory Hunt said:

I looked across our panel of expert arbitrators and wanted to select someone who has an equal appreciation of the role of arbitration and technology in dispute resolution. Robin fitted the profile perfectly and I was delighted when he accepted the invitation to become Panel Chair.

Gregory added:

The CCODR offer is one of a mix of top quality arbitrators and the latest arbitration and ADR technology provided by TalkTerms. Combined we ensure that the resolution of commercial rent disputes is affordable to parties who are often already suffering financial hardships. Robin will lead this experienced panel during the operation of the scheme.

Robin Somerville said of his appointment:

I am so pleased to be leading the Panel of Arbitrators delivering this important service to help both tenants and landlords find an acceptable resolution to commercial rental disputes that exist between them. The blend of technology and expertise from the arbitrator panel makes our scheme a quality cost-effective option.

Robin added:

We have started with a small hand picked panel in the knowledge that as the largest arbitration provider in the UK by volume, Hunt ADR has the capacity to scale up if and when required. It is my role to ensure when we do start to publish awards, which will be publicly available on the CCODR website, they are set out in clear English, include clear and well explained reasoning and there is no ambiguity at all for the parties on the outcome.

For further information including pricing, details on all panel members and to make an application, please visit


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