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Snowthing beats a good chat

I braved the snow this morning (that is not me in the picture, it's not that bad here!) to pick up my post and enjoy my weekly chat with the owner of my number one coffee shop. On the way I bumped into a friend I have not seen since the summer (I was walking at this point, we did not bump cars).

Wow, how refreshing to have a face to face in the flesh (but socially distanced) conversation with someone who is not a member of my immediate nuclear family!

When I got home I had something to talk to my wife about other than the size of the queue at the post office, or whether the roads were clear. We could actually talk for ten minutes about a conversation with someone different.

Not much of a mediation message in this (though mediation is all about talking, good communications and having rapport with the parties) but more of a sense, for me, of feeling so much better about the day ahead having the opportunity to have a conversation with a friend I had not seen for so long.

The simple things in life can make us happy.

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