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Upholding Integrity: Gregory Hunt's Role in Investigating Mediator Complaints

mediator training
Gregory Hunt delivers mediator training

Gregory Hunt has been appointed to the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) Complaints and Disciplinary Committee (CDC) to help improve transparency and accountability within the mediation community. As a CDC member, Gregg will work with others to investigate complaints against mediators and uphold high standards of conduct.

The CDC follows guiding principles to operate with integrity and fairness. This commitment emphasises transparency, impartiality, and accountability to maintain public trust in the mediation process.

Of his appointment, Gregg says

Learning from complaints is crucial for improvement, and having a committee such as this demonstrates the CMC's commitment to addressing complaints and driving ongoing improvement across the sector.
This is my first role with the Civil Mediation Council, and as it requires members who are able to demonstrate integrity and fairness, it feels especially good that I have been selected with those attributes in mind. I hope to serve it well.

The CMC is a charity that aims to promote the resolution of conflicts and disputes by encouraging the use of mediation and other dispute resolution techniques. It also aims to advance public education in matters related to this.

It is the recognised authority in the country for all matters related to civil, commercial, workplace, and non-family mediation cases.


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