I cannot recommend mediation highly enough as a means to resolve commercial disputes.  A mediator can help you to find a solution on your own terms in a fraction of the time and cost it would take to have a court decision imposed on you. And it's all done in private.


Mediation gives you a final chance to keep control of your dispute. It is your final chance to innovate and reach a solution on your terms. It is your final chance to avoid the expensive, time delayed binary decision-making process of the court. It is your final chance to exert some control.

See here for more information or call me now on 020 7043 1674 or email gregg@huntadr.com.

Services & Training

Along with my associates I provide mediation, arbitration and adjudication services and training and CPD programmes for mediators and arbitrators. 


Mediation Training

My team of Associate Trainers and I have trained hundreds of mediators over the last five years. The next available online course runs on 22-26 March 2021. We will recommence in person courses once it is safe to do so.

Mediation and Arbitration CPD

Mediator and arbitrator CPD programmes include Mediator Experience Days and our innovative and internationally recognised Arbitrator Experience Programme (ArbEx)

Dispute Resolution: Arbitration

I have administered thousands of arbitrations over the last 25 years and have a  List of Associate Arbitrators ready to  act.

Dispute Resolution: Adjudication

As an adjudicator nominating body for construction disputes I can nominate an adjudicator to resolve disputes within this sector.

Help those less fortunate through fooDResolution

I founded fooDResolution in late 2018 to galvanise those involved in dispute resolution to help people who need to use foodbanks. Please visit the fooDResolution website to see how you can help.


“...very good, very personable...put the parties at ease. Very commercially oriented. Very impressed by his initial call explaining the process, managing expectations and gathering some information about the case.”

Mediation Party Feedback on Gregory Hunt


Gregory Hunt, Registered Mediator

I'm an experienced award winning mediator and the Founder & Managing Director of Hunt ADR Limited. I'm a Registered Mediator and in 2020 won awards for mediation services in the UK and overseas. To see more and to instruct me click the link below.

Contact Me

 PO Box 12627 Billericay Essex UK CM12 2EZ

Tel. 020 7043 1674

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