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2,092.4km Static Cycle Ride in Aid of UK & Irish Foodbanks

I started collecting for foodbanks across the UK in 2018 after seeing the work done by football fans in Liverpool. At the same time I saw a new business in Essex, called Secret Hamper, doing good in the community. These two movements inspired me to start fooDResolution. With others, I then oversaw the collection of food and other household items which together supplied more than 2,000 households with food and items like nappies, sanitary products and other household goods. During the pandemic fooDResolution raised more than £1,500 in donations, which resulted in donations to more than 30 foodbanks across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. In January 2021 I decided to discontinue fooDResolution in favour of committing to donate to foodbanks by static cycling to foodbanks from home in Billericay to Hull, Edinburgh, Skelmersdale, Rhyl, Belfast, Cork, Bude, Romford and Basildon before returning to Billericay. This is a total of 2,092.4km. I started my cycle on 18th February 2021. Please refer to the table below for progress updates - links to foodbanks in each of the locations I am cycling to are also shown below. Please do what you can to share this adventure and to help raise money for foodbanks in any location not just those I am aiming to help. All donations are welcome direct to any foodbank and show that together we agree there is no place for hunger in our society.

If you donate or want to offer support use the hashtag #cycleforfoodbanks and tweet me at @GregoryHuntADR or Instagram @HuntADR. You can also follow my progress on my LinkedIn page Billericay Foodbank Hull Foodbank Edinburgh Foodbank Skelmersdale Foodbank Rhyl Foodbank North Belfast Foodbank Cork Foodbank Bude Foodbank Romford Foodbank Basildon Foodbank Cumulative time taken (last updated 8th April 2021) is 14 hours and 55 minutes Cumulative distance so far (last updated 8th April 2021) is 376.1km, meaning I have now left Hull and I am around well on the way to Edinburgh, somewhere around Hartlepool Cumulative calories so far (last updated 8th April 2021) is 5,706 calories

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