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Christmas. It might not be the most wonderful time of the year...

Old lady alone crying at Christmas
Christmas can be a lonely time for some

At this time of year I remind myself that Christmas is not the best time of year for many and a small gesture can make a huge difference to many people.

For example, dropping an item or two at your local foodbank collection point can make a significant difference. You can even spice things up at this time of year by including something that people might not otherwise be able to enjoy. A nice tin of biscuits, a selection box, a Christmas pudding, a chocolate orange, the options are endless. But do remember, it is the most basic staple goods that many cannot afford and, if you can spare it, anything you add will be appreciated somewhere.

Foodbanks are only one of many charities that need help at this time of the year. For many, Christmas is a lonely time, or a time to remember those they have lost during the year or in past years, and the endless reminders (starting as early as September) might be something they struggle to deal with, so a cuppa and a chat might be enough to cheer them up.

As well as foodbank support, I like to support other charities who have helped my family over the years. This has always included British Heart Foundation, and now, due to more recent events, Cancer Research UK and Dementia UK also top my list, alongside foodbanks charities of course, and at Trussell Trust you can find your own local foodbanks.

As we tip-toe nearer to the big day, please do what you can to help. If you find yourself in a position where you can’t help then that is no problem at all. But to those who do, thank you – you will have made a positive impact for good.

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