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Cycle for Foodbanks: The Journey So Far

I've not done an upate for a while but here is progress so far on my 2,094.2km static cycle to raise awareness for foodbanks.

  • Cumulative distance so far is 1006.53 km which means there is 76.47km to go before I hit Belfast! Belfast is also the half way point

  • Cumulative time taken so far is 42 hours and 28 minutes

Progress is slow but I am getting there, and you can find out more here.

​On a general point, whenever I am somewhere where collections / donations are being made I have noticed how much lower they are at the moment than they were this time last year.

It is harder for people to donate now as everyone is feeling the pinch. Take my local Waitrose store as an example. Last year the donation bins would be full every time I went to the store. This year they are almost empty.

If you can afford to donate in your local supermarket, foodbank centre or online, then please do. Your local centre will have information about what is most needed, or you can look on the Trussell Trust website for details of where to donate near you. Please help if you can.

We will be doing a foodbank special episode of No Disputing That in the coming weeks which will give more information about how you can help - and why you should, if you can. If you have any questions or comments for that episode you can leave a voice message by visiting and clicking the Message Icon. Feel free to leave your name so if we feature your question on the show we can say who you are.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Cycle for Foodbanks initiative so far, and please, if you can, donate today.

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